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Default What to do with my kc pro roc heads

I bought two kc pro flat top rocs. Roc head stamp. Are these worth holding onto? Selling? What are they like as throwers?
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you'll never get as much joy throwing them as you will stashing them away in a box. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this but I think you'll get it, man. Just knowing they're there with that sweet limited stamp all pristine. Get another kc flat top to throw.
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What good is a lamp under a bushel? If it's not used, it's simply a stock investment. If that's what you're going for - a $10-$20 profit off the original purchase price, okay. You get some return on investment. But, if it's a good mold, and a good plastic, the point it in it's use. Just my 2.

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You could always just send them to me if you dont know what to do with them
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Do you already bag flat top KCs? If so, throw it. If it would be a tester, it's not worth throwing. Just my couple of pennies.
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You got two, so my vote is to throw one and put the other one away to sell or put in the collection. You could always take one out to the field and give It a toss just to see if you like the way it flies before bagging it.
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If you are looking to make money down the road, buying discs and stashing them for 5 years is a horrible investment. That disc isn't going to magically be worth $400 down the road. If you want to make money, invest.
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Go hit trees with them
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I have 4 groups of discs...

1. Collectors, all hung for viewing (house & garage, 50ish discs)
2. ITB (24 discs)
3. High elevation (US) discs (6 to replace my most OS bagged discs)
4. Same run back ups of ITB (150ish discs)

It took some doing but I ditched the rest (200ish discs)
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