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Good plan. At $15 or so a pop it sounds like your hobby could get expensive. Heading out to the local course with 6 water holes in a little bit. Hoping the wind treats me better than it did you.
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i have two 174g volts. Light yellow is noticeable more stable than the light pink. Nice combination. Much like c-line fd and s-line fd.
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Well I am a little late to the party, despite having preordered, but I finally got in a good round with my volts.

I like them. At 300ish ft of power, they are pretty neutral/stable for me. They seemed to be very nose angle sensitive for me, moreso than PDs. I did however find them easier to S turn through the woods. In fact I was quite happy with how workable they were.

I was not able to get them to lock on to an anhyzer though. They would fight/stall out of it. I have a feeling its nose and/or spin issues.

Thrown flatish they would fly straight with fade. I think I was only borderline on getting ebnough spin on them though. When my arm got tired I had to be careful, I wasn't getting enough spin and they were locking in on micro hyzer angles because I my arm angle was getting sloppy.

I do like them, I think they will fly better when I have golfed more regularly and work on controling nose angle better.
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Default Volt ACE!

After two rounds with the Volt I have to say that I love most every aspect of this disc. Picked up my 2nd Ace of my career with the Volt (my first was an ION).

My favorite aspects of this disc are as follows:
-Thrown too high it will still penetrate forward without stalling out.
-They are awesome at long flex shots (my favorite shot in DG).
-I have smaller hands and for some reason these feel customized to my power grip.
-Durability is second to none and they will be available in eclipse one of these days.
-They power down exceptionally well. 250 hyzers are glidey goodness.

Overall I have to say that the Volt is a special disc for my power level and it excels at a multitude of shots.
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The volt fits my throw perfectly. I have had more shots do farther than i expectd with the volt. IT is pretty much a point and shoot driver. I am carrying a 175 pink and a 169 orange. the orange is flatter and more stable with less glide, and the pink is a little domier and has more lateral movemont in flight and wont pull out of an anny if thrown correct. This is the first driver i have ever thrown that i can get to do what i ask very consistently. I really hope that after the amp they give us a more stable version of this volt. on several shots i was thinking man if that was just a little more stable....
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Default My review (my OPINION!)

Well, I'm going to be honest here. I've been really, really excited to try the Volt. I mean, how often does a disc get as much hype as this thing? My orange 173 and blue 172 finally arrived a few days ago, and I went out and started throwing it like crazy. (For reference, I have 425' feet of power, generally throw Orcs, FD's, Swords and Halos) Here are my thoughts...

1. Feel of the Volt:

Pros-The Neutron plastic feels very nice. It's smooth and grippy and reminiscent of a gummy Star-ish plastic. I also really appreciate how well the color stands out. It's bright and vibrant and looks very classy overall. It's kinda flexible, even with the overmold, and is passably tacky when slightly damp.

Cons-It's just so shallow! I'm a pretty tall guy and I have correspondingly large hands, and the Volt really feels uncomfortable in my grip. Any amount of moisture beyond a gentle sprinkle, it becomes soap in the shower (granted that other plastics do this as well).

2. Flight of the Volt:

Pros-Seems to move faster than it's rim width would suggest. I'm guessing it's partly due to it's very low profile. Decently glidey, although not a level with the River or FD. It's capable of holding a variety of lines, but that leads me to...

Cons-I've thrown this disc a couple hundred times between fields and rounds the last few days and I'm still not sure what it does! On a flat shot with 370' of power, it just wants to turn to 1:30 and never come back. Put it on a slight hyzer, and half the time it'll just hold the hyzer. If it doesn't hold the hyzer, it (seemingly randomly) either goes dead straight (yay) with a pretty big fade (3-4), or flips and never comes back (boo).

Basically, I can't see what this disc does (for me) that other discs can't do (other than frustrate the hell out of me). I want a straight shot? I'd rather throw a Teebird. I want a flex shot? I'd rather throw an Orc. Long hyzer line? Force? Destroyer? Boatman? The problem is that I can't see the Volt excelling at any one thing.

I really wanted to like the Volt, but it's super shallow rim and extreme touchiness have convinced me that it's not my kind of disc. A jack of all trades can be useful, but not when he's schizophrenic.
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How are these for side arms and rollers?
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Originally Posted by Kingace View Post
How are these for side arms and rollers?
I've found these make a great driver for fh shots, and are my go to for long fh approaches I think would be pushing my midrange flick. If you throw them clean they'll hold any release angle you give them in the 350' range.

@Titanic Sinks: I didn't care for the shallow rim in a bh grip at first either. I have large hands as well and it took some getting used to. It feels really comfortable to me now that I'm used to it but I could see being put off by it. Shame you found yours so touchy thouh. I've had a lot of luck with mine treating it like a speed 9 Buzz essentially.

Last edited by Mike C; 11-28-2012 at 04:10 PM.
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Originally Posted by Kingace View Post
How are these for side arms and rollers?
It is seriously the best FH fairway driver I've ever thrown. I have what is probably a decent intermediate level FH that usually is a little OATy if I try to use any power. The Volt doesn't OAT at all on my release and flies very consistent and stable. In fact I think I've got the disc down better FH than I do BH yet, which is pretty crazy. The Volt makes me look like a FH dominant player and it's really bringing FH strongly back into my course play.

So to answer your question...The Volt is a magic FH disc, at least for me and my normally ugly FH.
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I agree with Discspeed, the Volt really is a nice FH disc. After getting used to the disc I find it flying more stable than it did at first.

Here is a video. Ten holes, 3 Volts, 1 Anode, 5 FH and 5 BH drives.

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