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I haven't been on this site in forever. It's good to read these reviews and see what's been going on with MVP. Thanks as always Mike and UPS!
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This wait is killing me...my package should arrive any moment now. Come on big brown truck...
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Originally Posted by Alcuin View Post
I've heard some weird pronunciations of Anode too which I'm sure doesn't help.
My friend says "anoid" no matter how many times I assertively pronounce correctly in his presence.
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maybe hes anoid that it goes so straight.

i cant wait to buy a volt. ESPECIALLY when the proton ones come out.
i also hope to find a bunch of them since i only ever see 13 year olds throwing mvps
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You mind shipping all of your people and all of your test volts up here to Michigan?

In fact, just move everything to do with DN up here. Seems reasonable enough to me

The MVP line has become as close to a go-to lineup in my bag as anything else. I'm actually half expecting the Volt to replace my CE Eagles...everything they make is just rock solid.

I was a little disheartened to hear there would be no distinguishable first run discs solely from a collector's standpoint. But the reasoning behind it is logically sound and is exemplary of what kind of company MVP is. Seems to me like they've got the ambition and dedication to go far.
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Originally Posted by Rogue9 View Post
Mike- it looked like they were pretty straight when you wanted them to be except on a full power rip? Like the last shot? Isn't that like a 430 ft hole?

Great video, thanks for posting it so fast.
That ace run hole was in the short position so only 380' or so. I've bounced off that same basket with an Axis on a higher, straighter line.

Me and a friend who throws more 300-320ish are gonna go play a round with my Volts and I might film him if he's down to give lower power players a better frame of reference. Warmer today but still windy as balls.
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So, after watching mike's video. Is the volt closer to a long qj or a beaten in 1.1 qolf? I didn't really see an eagles worth of fade.
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Thanks for the videos as always Mike.
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I finally got my Volts about an hour ago and I just got back from the field. I was just throwing shots close to full power and then aiming at random trees at random distances, so I only got a general feel for the disc. After I take it to a course or two I'll be able to compare it better to other discs.

The Volt has a lot of uniqueness to it's flight. Normally if I throw 4 of the same driver one after another I can start to see similarities to other discs, but I'm still not confident directly comparing the Volt to any other disc after a few dozen throws. Here are the things I can say for sure so far:

1. It's long...longer than I remember the protos being and longer than I expected.
2. It's a line shaping disc with kind of an old school Cyclone/EX type of pronounced turn and fade, ending fairly straight/slightly left on a flat shot. Thrown with more hyzer and it flips up but not over and fades strong but forward. The turn is slower than it should be for a disc so fast. It is by far the most turning/fading disc MVP has made.
3. Despite the movement in the flight the disc has a ridiculous amount of forward penetration...It was proving very forgiving when I was missing my line as it was getting good distance regardless of line as long as I kept it in the air.

The feel is great to me. It's a little shallow, but the profile fits it my so well and the plastic is grippy enough that I don't really notice it. I had no misfires today that I would attribute to myself getting adjusted to the grip. It is very smooth on the top and wing where the overmold meets the core. There is some noticeable flash on the wing a few mm's from the rim, though I don't feel it in the hand. I'm definitely going to be taking it off at least one of my Volts before I go out again to see if it affects stability.

I'm trying my best to be objective, but I'm really excited about this disc and I can't wait to take it to the course tomorrow for a full workout.

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Originally Posted by tampabay View Post
Thank you for this. I appreciate the honest feed back of y'all preferences. It isn't an honest review if MVP just has 5 testers running around screaming "BEST DISC EVER, MAKES YOU ACE."

Honesty in a review makes it more believable, so thank you for that.
We're smart enough to not say that, but to tell people how it actually flies and compare it to other discs.
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