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Originally Posted by Ryan C View Post
You guys are not testers. You're just entering a drawing for a free disc. Its not like they are going to care what you guys say about it and tweak it.
I just installed a course at a church camp that I am involved with this summer and am looking for a type of fairway driver that they can use . Right now all they have are some ace race zeppelins, and some factory 2nd sharks.. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I was buying 30+ discs at the end of the day
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please throw my name in the ring. I'm always happy to try out new plastic on these KC courses and I think I can give a fair review. Haven't tried any Legacy yet, but I sure would like to.
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I'll happily throw a new Legacy disc and give an informative review of it!
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Go ahead and throw my name in the hat, sounds right up my alley.
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...add me to the list also.
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More than willing to lend my arm to test out the new disc! Keep up the good work guys
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When it comes to ace races legacy will offer any of there discs for an ace race based on what the event wants. This helps introduce the mold or molds to the area. I've seen ace races for most of the molds.

Also it is a fact that Legacy reads these threads and they will read the reviews. They want pro and amuetur feedback on all there plastic and discs. It helps on marketing and tells them where they need to go when they present these discs to the public and all skill levels.

Trust me when I say that the Rico's follow these threads and are very fair when it comes to input and meeting needs of its loyal disc followers. I currently throw three discs of theirs and let them know everything I here and see. If you have a complaint message me and I will relay it.

Originally Posted by conch cruiser View Post
Is this the disc you would recieve if you did an Ace race tourney with Legacy Discs? Or would it be the Ghost?
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I'll throw Legacy. Never thrown one before because they aren't in stock here. Throw my name in!
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Throw my name in as well! I am always willing to give a fair un-biased review.
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