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Originally Posted by KG505 View Post
Still looking for a value on these.... No ink on any of them.

5x valk 7/10 167:

5x valk 8/10 167:

Thanks in advance for any help!
the valks are worth 10$. 15 if ur lucky

i just picked up a 7/10 5x on feebay for 5$. 8.50 after shipping
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Red 7 or 8/10 zipper topped 4X Champion Valkyrie?
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Originally Posted by drkstr View Post
Red 7 or 8/10 zipper topped 4X Champion Valkyrie?
Not much over $15. These can be still found for $25 new.
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Price check

2005 Memorial Super Straight Modified Buzzz (Buzzz tolled) 175 no ink and as far as I can tell is brand new.

2003 Worlds UV I think it is a Magnet, I may be wrong but it is for sure not a Challenger 172 and 9.9 at worst.
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Originally Posted by sammoeller View Post
It is a rancho. I dont expect it to necessarily have a collectable value, but I would expect that as most old rocs do it would bring in a premium on what current rocs are selling for. The marking and feel of this disc speak to its age, although I do not know exactly what year its from.

you paid like twenty five shipped on ebay right?
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Any thoughts on this guy? Pics on page 110

Originally Posted by brentjacobs View Post
Picked this up on the cheap on feEbay and it's way cooler than what I expected. Even if their isn't much extra value its a change from all of my "wings and rings" Rocs.

172 DX Classic Roc

Winged Deer Park
"Hot Stamp Of The The Year"
Innova Champion Discs

Or is this like all of the "1995" Stock Stamp DX Classic Rocs? The newer Classic Rocs all are marked with weight and CR on the bottom and this just has the weight and a sticker that says Classic Roc.


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KC Pro Glow Flat Top Roc, 180, 10/10, tourney stamp
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Originally Posted by curveball4 View Post
KC Pro Glow Flat Top Roc, 180, 10/10, tourney stamp
Whatevver you paid for it or $15, not really special since you can get them almost anywhere now
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Originally Posted by HEATER View Post

2003 Worlds UV I think it is a Magnet, I may be wrong but it is for sure not a Challenger 172 and 9.9 at worst.
You sure that isn't a challenger? I'm almost positive that it is. Probably worth 15.

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2010 USDG Skeet Roc. The glare from the sun is covering where it says '2010 USDGC ROC'
I'm heavily considering selling this beauty. It's a 10.1/10 It has gotten sweeter with age. Metallic stickers on disc and certificate #18 What is this worth? Thanks.

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