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Originally Posted by unclemercy View Post
the reverse negative increases value. see also upper deck dale murphy.
I see what you did there lol. I used to have that '89 UD card
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Anyone have a value on this rhyno? Or leo?

Zippertop Rhyno, 8.5-9/10 172:

Pre Barry Leopard 8/10 174:

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Anybody know what an older starfire goes for it's 10/10 says innova at the top and starfire at the bottom but the a in starfire is a star. I can send pics to anyone that might be able to help
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Originally Posted by Eco81 View Post
Can someome please help me out here?
i know this is funny but if a star destroyer i would say 35-50. but no real value unless you find a brainwave collector.
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Default 05 Memorial modified wasp/ CE Leo

Got buried a couple pages back
It may have been thrown once, no ink 176

Also through an act of good fortune I had this given to me a bit of faded ink on the back but nothing serious. The disc itself is a solid 8 171 scaled.

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Buzzz tooled I'm assuming? 25-35

Leopard is prob like 70 mabye a lil more mabye a lil less.
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Thanks for the speedy reply
and sadly yes its Buzzz tooled
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Originally Posted by Ln108DD2 View Post
From what i have read it is CE QJLS
Pdga Appoved stamp
No ink 8/10
There is some debate about whether these are CE, which I will not comment on. They are also called "first runs" or 1.1's.
In any case, these things are all over the place in value.
Around $25, depending on the buyer, season, temp outside, phase of the moon, etc.
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i havent seen many of these up lately but looking to sell and curious about a fair starting price.. i have two very flat 1st or 2nd Run ESP Comets.. 172 and 175g.. both 8ish/10. Both have tooling and written weight but other then that not sure how to tell 1st and 2nd run apart.. but yeah they are both very very flat.. never seen comets this flat before.. like ching roc flat.. any ideas?

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Originally Posted by tennessee View Post
Ive got $100+ on one side and $60-$70 on the other....
Anybody else have an idea on value?
+/-60 dog
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