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just making sure since there was no picture.

Originally Posted by DiscJunkie View Post
There is some debate about whether these are CE, which I will not comment on. They are also called "first runs" or 1.1's.
In any case, these things are all over the place in value.
Around $25, depending on the buyer, season, temp outside, phase of the moon, etc.
discussion happens at this quote
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Anyone interested in buying it. PM for pic.
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Clear Elite X Buzzz

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Originally Posted by elnino View Post
look back a few pages....

this has been asked well over 10 times that past few weeks.
since you took the time to not answer me, and there isn't any prices in the last 10 pages, would u like to enlighten me?
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That looks like a recent buzzz, but that's a cool misstamp I'd say 20 but you could ask 30 and see what offers come up.
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Price of a 170g Dayglow CAL. Tooled leopard?
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Players cup clear Buzzz.

Any guesses?

Pic herehttp://db.tt/vU44CoKU
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Originally Posted by A Gold Piggie View Post
Price of a 170g Dayglow CAL. Tooled leopard?
All Leopards are CAL tooled so stock prices.
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1st run boss 8/10 ink 174?

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Star Max, creme color front with white back, flat, scaled at 179, very minimal if any rim wear. The weight and name are written larger than normal with the letter T. Small amount of ink as shown in picture and a small cut on flight plate that doesn't go through to the back. Price tag?

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