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Originally Posted by Todd Wiley View Post
The CE zippertop Rhyno will have noticeable rings all the way to the center of the disc. Your pic shows that they stop. CE runs ended in early 2003. Then came the Champion Zippertops. You clearly have an early run Champion Rhyno. I've never seen a Champion Rhyno stamped CE Rhyno, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Either way, you have a sweet Zippertop Rhyno with a pre-flight no. stamp.
That's what I was looking for, thank you for the help! - a fellow Michigander
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Originally Posted by Gregg Stone View Post
How much for this circle stamp puma?

It's definately been used, but not abused. Haven't even tried to clean it up, but it should clean well, just dirt on in right now. 6/10 very conservative, maybe a little better. 173g as if anyone would throw it. Stamp's in good condition as well.
Anyone know? Pic back on page 157
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Originally Posted by DiscJunkie View Post
As I've said before, these things are all over the place with price. If you find someone that likes these and calls it CE, you might get $20+. Otherwise, maybe $15 or less.

On the question about whether it is CE and worth CE money, I've heard knowledgeable people argue both ways. My personal knowledge is that the Appoved stamp doesn't prove that it's CE, especially with the QJLS and Q-Megas. I own a few of the single-color stamp QJLS's that I think are CE and a few that are not CE. Based on my experience (and I'll probably be contradicted by some self-sainted expert) if it's a single-color stamp and not totally opaque, then it's not CE.
It doesn't look like the one in the pic is totally opaque, so I think it's not CE.
The only sure bet with these things is the two-color bubble stamp. Anything else is just speculation and opinion.
Contacted Zamson via PM and got some reliable info. I learned some stuff I did not know. FWIW, I consider Zamson the best source for Mill CE info.

I PM'd this question:
Do you consider the opaque QJLS's with the silver "Appoved" stamp to be CE?
Why or why not?

Zamson says:
"I'm gonna go with a pretty confident YES on those descriptors being the CE QJ. With QMega and QMS, the Appoved typo lived on past the CE run, but with QJ, it was fixed after the 1st run. And only the 1st run AND 2k Test Runs of QJ were opaque. Some marked J, some QJ.
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Originally Posted by moose-mdg View Post
all bar stamp rocs are rancho...
I see I have this one.

any ideas i think its ontario
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yeah thats a big bird....made in all three ...san marino 89-94...ontario 94-97....rancho 97-2002ish....ontario are worth the least because most people like a flat roc....new heavy are $30
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Originally Posted by Gregg Stone View Post
Anyone know? Pic back on page 157
They were the second hottest disc about a year ago with new one going for $70. Right now a new one will still sell for $50+, but the problem is everyone who wants them wants wall hangers. As soon as you are below 8 or 9/10 the price drops drastically. I bet someone would still give you $35+ depending upon the condition of the stamp.
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red 8/10 172 11x KC Pro Banshee with no ink and a nice purple stamp worth anything these days?
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Originally Posted by curveball4 View Post
Photon Glo Talon, 10/10, not sure on weight, think around 173. These worth anything?
One last shot. Anybody know anything about these?
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Roc I won at the Ohio Hall of Fame Classic a few weeks ago. On the back it says "Monster Mando" and "1 of 100." Is this worth anything more than just the DX Roc that it is?

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Originally Posted by JoshEpoo View Post
red 8/10 172 11x KC Pro Banshee with no ink and a nice purple stamp worth anything these days?
Pics? It's opaque candy it might be worth $30.
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