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Originally Posted by shoe59 View Post
can you elaborate cam?

basically what I mean is CE blend and not SE

I was just saying Ce blend and Candy are not the same thing, CE blend alone is somewhat of a judgement call on if it is or isn't on certain runs.
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Originally Posted by theviolinman View Post
I bought this on a whim, but I'm not really that into it anymore, not sure if I overpaid, so I'd like some help so I know what to list it at.

Proto stamp Viper, 176.8, Unthrown but has some small black flecks in the plastic. The foil stamp has snowflakes, which I've never seen and is pretty cool.
Probably low 20s at best. I had a really sweet oil slick metalhead that I sold a while back in the 20s. It was new and looked amazing. Seems like one guy had a similar one in the marketplace forever in the high 20s and it didn't sell (at least that I saw)
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The 3 Ring Roc never had a stamp on it. As for the era it is from, is there any way of knowing?
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"Cream Dream" Aviar Proto Star Stamp, New and unthrown, anyone have any information on these?
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Very pearly Champ Aero, 8.5/10 weight unknown but feels about 175

Very Opaque Champion pretty much champy star Classic Roc, 9/10 175

Thanks for the help!
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How about this champion classic roc? Brand new and unthrown. Thanks for any help.

174.6 grams, #13 of 25
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is dx firebird with old logo worth anything?
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Originally Posted by Cmurph View Post

is dx firebird with old logo worth anything?
maybe a dollar or two more then DX, but most likely not.
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Yeah I can't imagine many people throw DX Firebirds.

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I have two dx ontario rocs.
Good condition.
Yellow one is from a finnish 1998 tourney.

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