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Originally Posted by codyroberts18 View Post
Well, the ink is looks bad, but cosmetically, the disc is in very good condition. Thanks for the estimate.
Is that a dimple or a bite mark at 8 oclock?
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Originally Posted by jswoods1984 View Post
Hey, so I'm thinking about purchasing these and need an opinion on value. One is a gold Super Puppy with the dead stamp. The other is a CFR Gold Viper signed by Mr. Ken Climo. What do you guys say these things are worth?
The viper lies somewhere between $100 and priceless. Those are rarely seen so it is difficult to appraise.
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They definitely made CE Vipers, I've got one. I've seen some of those ripply Gold Vipers, some of which were definitely CE.

I agree with skybird, $100 is the minimum value of a disc like that. It's my holy grail.
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Originally Posted by apdrvya View Post
depends entirely on whether it's x or L mold...
probably 3rd/4th run.
Could you give me a range on both? I'm working on finding out the details.
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35-40 for L
40-45 for X
and it depends on the weight.
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Got a picture. Not sure if it is X or L. Weight is 174g.

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^Lay it flat on the table. L will be smooth and x will have a curve
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9/10 175 Lemon Lake Katana

Was wondering if these are 1st runs, and if so what is the value of them?
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Originally Posted by CTRobuck View Post

9/10 175 Lemon Lake Katana

Was wondering if these are 1st runs, and if so what is the value of them?
that farting lemon is great not sure if they are first runs but def worth 20 since they get scooped up rather quickly. i'm sure you will get a pm from a few katana throwers. i think the first run katanas were pro with proto stamp. not sure for star.

btw pro protostamped katanas aren't worth much def less than the farting lemons.

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Originally Posted by Eco81 View Post
What seems to be old dx glo roc. 8/10 180G. Rancho tooled. How much?
$6..its certainly not old..its the most recent run with flight numbers
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