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Originally Posted by cali View Post
I mean, I have glow Eagles, Banshee's, TL's, Teebirds, etc. all from the 2003-2004 time frame. I call them early Glow Champ. To me CE isn't CE unless it's the early taffy from 2000-2001 or late candy from 2002.

That's my .02.

"CE Whippets" and "CE Gators" aren't even really CE!
I agree with this - I have the same issue with KC Pro, too many times I've had trade discussions regarding 11x KC Pro Teebirds only to get sent a picture of an 11x Champion teebird.
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Originally Posted by Brokensaint View Post
Hey I have a glow banshee 174g from the '04 kc wide open. Its pretty bendy. Star like material. Any info? Anything special?
Like this one? These were the early Champ Glow runs that (in my opinion) were more flexible and a better feel that the Champ Glow we see today. I would think around $35 new for the '04. I also have a 2003 Glow Champ Banshee from the Hambrick. The early Glow plastic was great.

Was '03 the first year of Glow Champ?

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Originally Posted by DiscJunkie View Post
It's probably not worth much as a collectible, but they are sweet throwers. I believe they are a bit more stable than the production run of Champ Wraiths. Seem to be a little tougher, but that may just be the pearly plastic.
Yeah I figured it wouldn't be a collectors item.. but when I saw how flat it was I was like.... damn... Haha Its more stable than the champ Wraith I had. Reminds me of a Teebirds flight but faster. Just really straight with a little fade at the end. Dont know if I'm gonna keep it in the bag cause I'm stepping away from Wraiths but it'll probably just get put in my random box of discs I'm starting to build up now.
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Originally Posted by scottreek View Post
Can anyone tell me what this disc is worth. It is a Bar Stamp Buzzz with Buzzz Tooling. There is a little ink on the inside rim and weights 1785.5 grams. I would say it is a 8/10.

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^^^ still doing the ebay qoute thing I see. Thank you for your help as I understand some people like to see charts.

Around here that's about a 30 dollar disc.
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What about this rhyno? It's marked "PRY", 7/10, 174g. It feels like KC Pro Roc plastic. Ink on the plate that would probably wipe off. I've never seen a pro rhyno with a dx stamp before, and it's ontario tooled if that matters. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by JC AceHole View Post
How much is a new and heavy photon glo magnet going for these days.
Anyone know on this?
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Originally Posted by techn9cian4life View Post
Bought it for $5.. went and threw it right after haha really freakin straight with hardly any fade.. think its jus a preflight # champ wraith
I just got a cfr glow wraith that is marked WL

also came with my very first cfr certificate of authenticity, i have bought dozens before
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Originally Posted by timj5304 View Post

Innova cfr wraith by timj5304, on Flickr

CFR Wraith, 175g max weight. 8/10 condition with fading name on the back
These are basically the same run as the Augusta. I have had a ton of these and they fly just like an Augusta, which is how I think wraiths ought to throw and not like the new ones. In that condition you could get $30 from the right buyer. Definitely 20-25 no problem.

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Originally Posted by Avus View Post
9+ 9x banshee

Looks like it was thrown once or twice. Still has all of the flashing on the rim. I am torn between hanging it or seeing what I can get on here for it.

Only one more try. No ink. Any thoughts?
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