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Originally Posted by harr0140 View Post
Good idea, its exactly what pay to play would do in terms of reducing vandalism!!!

However, $5 is so minor if someone was really going to rip someone off, they could get 10 discs in a deal and it only cost them $5.

I would say full premium $25 for access to the marketplace, but I could also see this really cutting down on the # of people too. It's your call but I'd be behind the full premium, just like if you want access to the score analysis and such and roadtrips.
Seeing as I already paid $15 for one crown, I wouldn't want to pay $25 for another. I think the five dollar minimum will be enough to deter people.

also, if someone has just joined, and has zero feedback, and buys a crown, you should still exercise the same caution as before. This is a preventive measure, not a complete blockout of morons.
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Besides generating revenue for the site what problem is this solving?
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i think $5 is good enough

the good thing i see(hopefully) is that to pay the membership for the MP u have to use paypal right? well say someone does scam people out of stuff,guess what,his info is now obtainable via paypal instead of false info they might give without having to pay a fee.

i dont think it needs to be 25 bucks..5 bucks is gppd enough. if u go too high,alot of traffic will die down and the mp will not become as profitable for the site and people who pay the fee.
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I'm down with this. $5 is reasonable seeing I'm saving way more than that not paying full price for discs
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I like the idea of putting a limit to how many threads members can create in the marketplace. I get annoyed when I see members bump all 5 or 6 of their threads at one time when they can put all of their discs in one thread.
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if u dont like all the threads..dont pay. i think by paying the fee,people should be entitled to do so(within reason)
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I think it will drastically cut down on the number of marketplace theads which is a good thing for the site IMO. And it will force cheap bastards like me to pay into the site because I like selling my unwanted discs on the marketplace. I don't necessarily like the idea, because I am a cheap bastard but whatcha gonna do?
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You guys are better off making the call than I since I rarely use the marketplace . . . but the reason I have not used it in the past is I have been ripped off other places time and time again . . . so I decided to not get involved. Now I have 100 or more discs sitting here, maybe I will use it again . . . since I am already a full premium member
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I think the $5 fee is very reasonable. The $25 fee just sounds ridiculous to me. No one would want to pay that and the marketplace would slowly die.

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C'mon man, I've got a DGCR bag tag, it should give me executive powers or something.
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