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Yes. I throw not just farther, but way better shots in tournaments.
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I think it's just the opposite for me. I get performance anxiety really bad when folks are watching and just nut up. My mind races and I worry about hitting every branch, which is inevitably the last thing I look at and the first thing that I hit. Out in the field, I've just been working on mechanics and I think my form has gotten better, but I gotta take it to the course to see for sure. One thing that field work does for me tho is make me focus on distance rather than shot shaping, which might not be to my advantage.

On a related note, I had the privilege to play Blue Ribbon Pines in Minnesota a few weeks ago on a trip. 5 star course for sure and one hole, on the third 9 if I remember right has distance signs from the tee just like a driving range all the way to 500 or so on a wide open fairway. The pin's just over 700' away. Riding it up to 350 made me feel like a champ that day for sure. I've thrown farther, but on flat, level ground that felt good after 20+ holes in 95 deg. heat. Distances were spot on for sure.
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Thanks for the replies. I posted this because I played Jellystone Park (In Larkspur, CO) and hit the basket on hole 2 (B position) which is listed at about 368'
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It's the case for me as well. Not sure why, but I'd say that on the course, I have complete focus on my next shot, concentrating on line and release angle. Then, the adrenaline kicks in and the snap is better. When I practise in the open field, I usually try to rip it to hard and throw nose up...!!! Go figure.
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Yep. For me its the whole visual of the goal being 300.
What cured it was setting a garbage can out past the goal and making that my target.
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Originally Posted by prerube View Post
I notice this for sure, but it is an illusion. The Tee sign may say 390 feet and I will park it and think I threw close to 400 feet, when in reality their is a subtle down hill, I did not follow the flight path that was measured, and it was measured with a wheel which added distance for every bump and hill.
in reality I only threw 345.
Given that, how should courses be measured to be accurate? Middle of fairway to basket? What is to be done with elevation changes?
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Originally Posted by Crazy Runner Guy View Post
Given that, how should courses be measured to be accurate? Middle of fairway to basket? What is to be done with elevation changes?
I used a 100 foot tape measure and held it up off the ground so the rolling terrain would not add distance. But a quality range finder will often get with in 6-10 feet with much less work. you do not count elevation in with the distance. If you have a tee over a valley with a steep 50 foot drop then a slower 40 foot increase over 250 feet. The hole is 250 not 340.

Note: my holes were straight, or subtle. Measuring sharp dog legs is different, my tape measure meathod would not be accurate.
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i notice in tournaments i usually slow everything down and really focus on my rip point which makes me get everything moving in sync a lot better. This generally results in longer drives.

I kinda get bored out in a field throwing and will result back to bad habits...strong arming and early pull
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Originally Posted by kutz167 View Post
Going by tee signs, my best drive is well over 500 feet. At Waterworks in Kansas City, on hole 14, the longest placement reads 485. I figured I had more than enough room to throw whatever I wanted, so I let my blizzard katana rip. The thing hyzer-flipped perfectly and carried over the 20-30' wide road that is probably 20 feet past the basket, then went into some forest that is about 10' beyond the road. When it entered that forest, it still probably had 10-15' of height. I know for a fact that I cannot throw anywhere close to 500', so yes downhill does make a huge difference. On the other hand, it did make me feel like a bad ass when a pair of locals waited like 10 minutes on the next tee box to tell me i'm really good and then proceed to have me play through.
I just played water works for the first time today and felt like a stud
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You can only take tee signs with so much seriousness. They give you a general idea, but once you play a lot, you'll get a feel for what to throw and when. The numbers "help" but I don't think they make the disc choice.

There's a course here that was put in by the county, and it's pay to play. Super well manicured, everything is great. It's a bit easier than I'd like, but meh. However, they figured the pars using normal golf distance kind of stuff. 27 holes, first time out, shot -25.

What I'm trying to point out is that many people designing and putting in courses, don't know how to correctly measure or figure pars.

However, I like overthrowing 500' holes downhill. Especially in front of people who don't play enough to realize it's probably only playing MAYBE 300' because of the plus 100' elevation drop.
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