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Total noob help...extreme left hooks

First off, hi to the boards.

I'm a complete noob...only have played a couple of rounds on a 9-hole course at the local church and have gone out to a nearby field to practice about a dozen times. I've watched a ton of instructional videos on youtube and read a bunch of articles.

I'm not doing any footwork yet, just a one-step into the throw. Before every throw I'm going through a routine of checking my grip. Raising my arm up with the disc level to my chest and going through a slow-motion practice throw 3 times (without the actual release, obviously). Then throwing.

Here's the problem. Most of my throws are coming out looking flat, going up about 30-40 feet high in the air fairly quickly...then left. I'm not talking about fading left. I'm talking suddenly slam on the brakes, turn HARD left...sometimes over 90 degrees and coming back toward me...falling fast at a hard hyzer angle.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Is this what is referred to as "turning the disc over?" (I still haven't found a good definition of this term, despite seeing it everywhere). I have noticed that my best throws (still only about 200 feet) only go 10-20 feet high in the air and follow the S-curve. So, my guess is that I'm releasing with nose too high...it's just weird to see a disc take such an unnatural looking flight. It's almost like a boomerang.

I'm throwing a 167g Roc DX and 150g Archangel DX. Winds have been very low every time I've thrown.

Thanks for any help!
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Sounds like you are getting the nose of the disc up, and air is getting under the flight plate. That is a normal issue for a new player, and with drivers even for idiots like me. Try throwing the disc at some point on the ground 100' in front of you. Then work with different spots on the ground farther out. It could also be a little bit of grip and wrist issues, but I'll let someone better than me help you with that.

Also make sure you are getting good weight shift, and have your weight forward on the release. If you have your weight on your back foot you will typically throw high in the air. Some people will even take a step or two forward after throwing to get in the habit of getting that weight shift correct.
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Thanks sloppy. I like the idea of throwing "at" a point on the ground. I've really been thinking of it more like throwing in a direction as far as I can. I'll try stepping forward, too, but it seems like I've usually pivoted my upper body so far around that it sounds difficult.
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Make sure to pay attention to your follow through as well. You are probably trying to muscle the disc far as possible instead of letting the disc do the work. Typically when this happens it's you pulling the disc which causes the lip to point upwards resulting in the fly up quickly then slam on the brakes and fall. Try throwing mid range discs only for now as they do not require a lot of speed to fly far. Try a buzz if you got one.
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i agree with sloppy. remember the 3 main angles. if you get the three angles right, your throw should fly right. the angle of the throw (up/down), the angle of the disc (left/right), and the angle of the nose of the disc (up/down). in my opinion, keeping the nose down is the hardest one to remember.
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keep the thumb forward
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No, turning it over would.be the opposite of your problem.

When the disc is in your hand youre likely seeing the top flight plate- tilt it down so that you can see the inside front rim.
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Also, i found it helpfull to train my body into the bh motion vs what came natural- strongarming.

Full reachback position- putt your butt towards the target, weight over your bent left leg with your right stretched back on the ball of the foot (like a less drastic, slightly hunched but more upright runners stance).
Your left arm relaxed at side and your right strethed forward. You should feel balanaced and comfortable.
Now press your right heel down and you should feel it pull your hips, torso,& shoulder.
Your arm should baturally bend inward and the disc coming to your chest. Focus on shifting your weight over to your right leg.
Report back.
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These guys have really hit the nail on the head but the only thing I haven't seen mentioned is what to do with your non-pivot leg (left for a RHBH thrower) during the follow through. You'll see that most players let that leg kick up so your right leg can pivot freely. This also helps to keep your weight forward on the pivot leg which will aid in lower, nose-down flight paths.

The term "turning over" refers to how a disc turns right (when thrown RHBH) but when the disc goes to the left it is referred to as "fading". Depending on how the disc is designed it may "turn" or "fade" more than others. In order to get a disc to turn over, you must impart enough spin or "speed" on the disc.
An overstable disc will fight turning over and want to stay straight and then fade left while and understable disc will perform an S pattern.
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Having this exact same issue, but opposite as I'm a lefty.

Went out and bought some discs yesterday and headed to a field today and proceeded to laugh at myself Haha.

Will be trying all these things.
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