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Are bad attitudes ruining disc golf??

I had the displeasure of watching bad attitudes and lack of respect for other players recently. Am I the only one that is seeing this progressing? And in the process, rewarding those players who have bad attitudes with sponsorships at major disc golf manufacturers. Makes guys like me, who are not top pros, never want to play a major tournament again. Does these manufacturers hold some responability on managing their talent? Do they not enforce rules on ethics and sportsmanship? Or is it really about getting that last dollar from us fans who buy everything no matter who is slinging it?
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I've had many more positive experiences with top pros than negative ones.
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and not top pros for that matter too. Disc golf is fine lol.

The basketball courts and football fields are places you don't want your child listening in closely.
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There are disrespectful douches in any sport or hobby. I think our sport has WAY less than most others but there will always be a few in whatever you do. The friendliness and positivity of most I see on the course is one of the reasons I love this sport. There are no doubt many exceptions of course.
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Yes the companies are in business for the almighty dollar, the same reason you're in business and the same reason ALL companies are in business.

To. Make. Money!

On top of that a very small percentage of people who play disc golf even know there's a pro tour, so the pro's attitudes have no bearing on disc golf as a whole.
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The only way the companies that sponsor players are going to know about and be able to address issues with particular players is if they know there's an issue to deal with. By that I mean, if you see poor behavior from a player and are compelled to ask why company X sponsors that player, talk to company X about it. Write an email, make a phone call, tell them what you're thinking. It might make a difference, it might not. But it would probably accomplish more than a random thread on a discussion forum like this.

In general, what sponsoring companies know about what their players are doing most of the time comes from the players themselves. This isn't like other sports where they can read about their player on SI.com or watch a report on Sportscenter. If a player misbehaves, the only way word of that gets beyond the course/park the event is held in is if the people who witness it speak up.
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In any sport you're going to get a wide range of personalities, just like real life. If you're looking to the best players as your role model for anything other than how to throw a disc, your priorities are a bit off. When I play a tournament, I do it to enjoy the competition. What the top guys do is totally irrelevant to me since I have no chance of competing with them.
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I like to kill players with bad attitudes with kindness and watch it get under their skin. Nothing derails a jerk more than an opposite reaction of what they are expecting.
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I guess I will send my "most angry" letter to the appropriate disc companies. Or stop playing pro competitively. I believe 97 percent of the players I have been competing against are great fun, but the 3 per centers are ruining it, for me in general. I am sure the japan open 2014 videos wont show any negative tirades, will it.
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let me get this straight. you're going to stop playing tournaments because 3% of the competitors bother you?

deal with it.
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