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I had a hard headed friend that i kept trying to help, my game started getting worse the more i tried to help him. I focused on my game and he got so frustrated with his that he quit and sold his discs(some of which were mine -_-). But my game has never been better! haha.
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Originally Posted by attik34 View Post
the biggest thing for me is the pathing of his arm seems impossible to make work...literally make a circle in front of you...start at like....10 clock...go around it to like, 4:30 and release is somewhere there...and then big finish....the cirlce would actually have 12 right above your head...i dunno...just seems bad i guess >.>

as far as the release problems...sometimes it rips out early and he throws a spike to the left into the ground like...100ft out...or he grip locks and launches to the right and high....then occasionally it rips out right and its a good throw...
I can't even picture that, it sounds pretty effed up.

You should get a lid like a Polecat and just embarrass him on the course for a few rounds.
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You can't force people to listen. Nor is there any single "right" way to throw.

If your friend's form holds him back he will figure it out, eventually. Or maybe not. But either way, trying to convince a hard headed person of anything just frustrates both of you.

Over the years I have seen players with good natural talent and weird looking form. Usually they will slowly morph into more classic form but not always.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
I can't even picture that, it sounds pretty effed up.

You should get a lid like a Polecat and just embarrass him on the course for a few rounds.
Lol that's how I've gotten a few of my friends to rethink their games. Nothing says humiliation to a new player more than getting beat by 15 strokes by a guy using a Sonic.
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I guess this might sound stupid, off the wall, and counter productive, but, see to me it sounds like your friend is using this weird form so he can get the most distance he can out of his throw.

See if you can challenge him to a round on the short tees with no run up, or even white tees, but make sure you both play with out a run up. that might show him that his flailing around motions don't really help him with distance.

Other than that, there's no real way to convince a stubborn person if they don't want to be convinced. I'm a stubborn person. The only way my friend convinced me to try slower drivers was to hand me a leopard and tell me that we're playing with those and putters. When I was throwing straight lasers instead of noob hyzers I decided I wanted to slow down and use the leopard as my driver. And it did wonders.

I guess the point I'm making is that you need to make it seem like you're not trying to change your buddy's mind as much as you're just trying to change it up to play a different way for a round or two which in turn might make him reevaluate his form.
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nose down
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Originally Posted by deBebbler View Post
Just show him a video of women pros throwing.

That usually gets their attention.
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The thing is, everyone learns the game in a number of ways--maybe from a friend, maybe by asking a local pro or experienced player, maybe simply by watching and practicing. Some are faster than others at picking it up, but it doesn't matter. Even if you can't make your friend's game awesome right now, frustration will drive him to evolve as a player, and he'll know intuitively how to best go about improvement for himself. Just keep going with him to the course and giving him good, encouraging advice when he asks for it!
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Have him throw a comet. Its great for showing form flaws.
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Originally Posted by deBebbler View Post
Just show him a video of women pros throwing.

That usually gets their attention.
Or it'll make him feel bad because a girl can throw a disc farther than he'll ever be able to, or is that just me...
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