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Originally Posted by chickenonabun View Post
I don't know that you need to rest every other day as you would for weight lifting, because you really shouldn't be using much muscle power with good technique. With that said, it is for sure good to take a rest day every once in awhile. It makes you more excited to play the next time and can help your mental focus.
If I take a few days off I am so much better at shrugging off a bad shot and being excited to execute the next shot. Not to mention I seem to have about 40' more on my max distance shots. But playing all the time I am sore and don't have as much power on my shots but I know exactly what my disc will do when I let it fly. Overall I am better off playing 2 rounds a day.
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I was in a similar position a few years ago when I was playing solo a lot. I'd start almost every day with 2 or 3 18 hole rounds on a par 54 5400' course before 8am. Sometimes I'd play 5 or 6 rounds in a single day before noon.

Cutting back to 3 or 4 competitive rounds a week and focusing on the quality of my practice instead of the quantity has been good for my scores and my body.
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I find that I play best at 5-7 rounds per week. Less and the consistancy is not there and more kills the mental game and possibly arm too.
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As long as I'm still getting putting practice in throughout the week, I'm best playing 1 or 2 rounds a week. It's definitely the practice outside of rounds that affects my game the most.
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i've been lucky to get 4 rounds a week for the last 8 months. but i practice putting every day (even just 5 minutes) and have shot my best pdga rounds to date, including two wins in advanced. i haven't been getting any field practice in due to the rough summertime weather but look forward to doing so in about a month once it starts to cool off a bit.
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Yeah, I saw this thread title and went, "uhhh...what?" But if you're scaling from multiple rounds daily down to 3-5 a week, I'd agree that could help. I don't care how young and in-shape you are, 14+ rounds a week will begin to wear on you. You may not notice it physically very much, but fatigue and muscle wear will show up regardless. I love DG as much as the next guy on here, but it's not smart to throw that much non-stop with little rest. Putting practice every day, or even an hour of drives in a field is one thing...and can help a lot.

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Originally Posted by GLong View Post
i haven't been getting any field practice in due to the rough summertime weather but look forward to doing so in about a month once it starts to cool off a bit.
Same here! The last thing I want to do when it is scorching hot out is stand out in an open field for hours lol
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I currently play about 3 - 4 rounds per week and practice at lunch at work about 2 times a week. My job requires that I travel for 10 days at a time every now and then (with no chance to play or practice) and I've found that I have really good rounds when I come back.

My form is a lot better from when I started and my arm is never sore anymore, but I still think days of rest are good. If I didn't have to work, I'd play two days on/ two days off, with multiple rounds when I played. I do agree with the mental burnout as well.
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There was a time when I was playing 3 times a day 6 days a week (2 before work, 1 at lunch) and I noticed a decline as the week went on. The first and second days I was shooting some of my best scores ever, then I'd shoot OK the 3rd and 4th days and terrible the last two. It wasn't so much physical as it was a mental drain, especially playing a heavily wooded course. I would get to the point on the 5th and 6th days where I would stop thinking about strategy and just try to finish the round. It wasn't fun so I eased up and have been enjoying the game more playing 3 - 5 rounds a week. I do miss the epic 1st and second days after resting though...
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I have been going through this as well. I've been playing sparingly trying to get over a nagging back injury. Have only been getting in maybe a round a week, if that, at a shorter course. Typically shoot somewhere between 47 - 50. Ever since I've been playing less, I've seen that average go up to shooting between 46-48 consistently, with a personal best of 44 yesterday.

Most of the strokes are an improvement in putting, which is usually the downfall when taking time off. Lately though, it seems as if everything is going in.
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