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Oooooooo. Gimmie, Gimmie some new fin plastic.
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I will be buying all three. I doubt they will replace my Eagle.Ascent.Trak.River fairway combo of DOMINATION but you never know! Love when companies come out with new discs! Of course, since the numbers of Westside discs are always high (specifically the speed) those all might be mid-ranges anyway...
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I mostly interested in the tursas and stag but if the underworld flies like my flippy white GL rivers out of the box then I'd have to pick up a few of those as well.
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Originally Posted by McFer View Post
My only hope is that they're not out to ape the River and Saint, but to offer something slightly different.
Originally Posted by onemilemore View Post
Kinda what I was thinking too. Something more along the lines of a TL would be nice for the understable control driver slot.
Since Latitude makes their molds, supplies their materials, and has quite a bit of say in what they put out I can assure you that this(discs to compete directly w/Lat's) is not going to happen.
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i might actually like the tursas...could be the flippy mid ive always wanted.
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Since my Fuse is sitting in the bottom of pond I will pick up a Tursas. Will just use my Comet in the meantime.

Based on the numbers I will get a Stag too, but it needs to legitimately have that LSS of 3 otherwise it won't get any play over the Saint.

Don't need any more understable drivers in the bag so unfortunately the Underworld is not appealing
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Two new items from Westside for 2013:

Standard Bag - 13-15 disc capacity plus the putter pocket. No pictures available yet (boo!) but I'm somewhat interested in seeing what kind of quality and price point this bag will have.


And then the Black Basket:


Seems like this one (unlike Latitude's baskets) might be bound for the States, as they list a U.S. barcode. Apparently this is going to be a moderately price basket, but I'd love to know what that price point will be.
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Did anybody notice that the PDGA approved the new discs from Westside and the Basket as well. I love the Underworld Stamp.


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so is 8,6,0,3 the settled numbers for the Stag?

I've also seen 9,3,0,2
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Underworld = Best stamp of any disc, ever. Period. Exclamation point!
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