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Default Lighter Discs Kill Snap?

I found more distance with some lighter discs, but after throwing them for awhile, I found my distance dwindling. I think I may have figured out that it's more difficult to feel the hit with the lighter discs, so I've been losing my snap. Went back to heavy mids and found it again. Has anyone else had this experience?
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Not directly, but I do feel the hit the easiest with heavy mids, so I guess it is possible that you could completely lose that feel when just throwing lighter discs.
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I feel like sometimes heavier discs just snap out better, but don't go as far. 165 is my favorite weight for long throws, but otherwise its close to max.
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Nope, I played for a few days with only 150 discs I borrowed from my girlfriend and when I went back to my heavier discs I was throwing farther. I'm using blizzard bosses on a regular basis for longer open holes, and I haven't noticed any difference at all in my distance with other heavier discs in my bag.

If you're confusing the popping sound when a disc comes out of your hand with snap, I could see that happening. I get that sound more often with heavier discs and especially with mids and putters. That has nothing to do with snap or with distance though.
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Mashnut throws too far, his opinion is invalid.
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The snapping or popping noise actually creates a bit of drag........Its not gonna kill your distance, but does hinder it a bit

When you really and truly maximize your potential........it should feel so effortless.....effortless to the point where you ask yourself....."how the hell did it just go that far"

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not the same thing but when I used to power down on drivers on holes under 300 I began to lose any snap....I would basically do the same most do with blizzard discs, not throw as hard and just throw smoother/softer.

If I went to a course with longer holes I suddenly had no distance as I had messed up my form and lost the snap

embaressing to stand on a 600 foot hole and throw a wimpy 250 footer every time

I went back to throwing mids and putters and the situation resolved pretty quick

I would think throwing lightweight stuff that doesnt require snap/power would mess you up eventually
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Originally Posted by jenb View Post
I think I may have figured out that it's more difficult to feel the hit with the lighter discs, so I've been losing my snap. Went back to heavy mids and found it again. Has anyone else had this experience?
I find it's easiest to feel the hit with heavy, large diameter mids. I'm sure I've read that many other people have had the same experience. Lots of people, myself included, will revert back to throwing mids for all drives when they're "off" to get the feel back. It usually comes back after a few holes that way.
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I guess it depends on what your definition of "lighter" is.
I never felt like I got as much snap with 175g drivers.
I now use mostly 165-170g weights and feel like it's made a huge difference.
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I agree that you can't feel the hit/snap as well on lighter discs. There's nothing about lighter discs that decreases the amount of snap you put in a throw, though. You're just unaware of your throw going in the ****ter until it's deeeeep in the ****ter. I think it's also important to point out that it's as much harder with drivers as opposed to mids or putters to feel snap than with lighter as opposed to heavier.

There's only one disc that I know I can feel and put snap on better than anything else, it's a 167 soft X APX. There's probably 'one disc' for everyone that's like that.
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