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I'm slightly red/green color deficient(sp)

My discs are either White,bright yellow, bright orange, or pink.
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Since you and another colorblind fellow on her mention that bright pink might be an optional disc color for you, I'd like to agree but for another reason. Most of your DG rounds are probably played with other people, so if you do lose a disc, a bright color like pink will be easier for them to find, too, if you're ever in need of help. Plus, lots of guys hate getting their butts kicked by guys who throw pink.
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I too have a red/green deficiency. I am switching to more Blue's, Neon colors like Yellow's and Orange's, and White's.

One of my favorite disc's is a Red TL, I just can not give it up yet. I am always losing it. Not really losing it, I am standing two feet from it, but can not see it until someone points it out. Someone suggested dying a black or white stripe accross the top and bottom of the disc. I have not tried it yet, but might this weekend. I will let you know how it works.
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Red/Green here too. I learned quickly that I can't play with red discs or they'll inevitably be lost. The red ones I already had pretty much took care of themselves if I wasn't smart enough to take them out of the bag first.

Had the opportunity to play Mt. Airy last week and those red baskets were killing me!
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I don't really understand colorblindness too much (other than red is the same as green, or that flip flopped) but what about black? If you didn't want to get rid of those discs in those colors could you put a big image on both sides and then instead of looking for a color you'd be looking for a picture?
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I like the look for the picture idea. I think you already have it down by picking colors you can see. Hope you find a good solution man.
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I play regularly with a guy who's color blind, he has no problem. He does prefer to throw white discs though. But as he says, color has little to nothing to do with finding discs. Just look for a circular piece of plastic.
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cjskier, I can't tell if your colorblind friend is joking or not.
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I noticed that my yellow disc was always easiest to find. Now, I 9 of 12 of my discs are bright yellow for this very reason. I'm hoping to finally convert them all. The biggest problem is pulling the right one from my bag without a search.

I'd like to see a mechanism with one button. When you press it, it starts to count to 4 minutes. If you do not press the button again by 4 minutes, THEN it starts to chime. I've seen similar devices, but they always just made noise constantly.
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I constantly get asked the question, "do you just see black/white"?

To anybody who wants an idea what it's like to be colorblind, this might help. Imagine a big red dot on your wall. Then, turn down the lights in the room until you no longer can tell what color it is. At this point, you can still see a big circle, but not identify the color. Similarly, imagine if that dot were to shrink in size. As it shrinks, it will eventually reach a point where you can no longer identify the color without getting in for a closer observation.

THAT'S what it's like to be colorblind. You CAN see the colors, but they are difficult to identify. You either need lots of light or a large colored area.

The above refers to people with a shortage of working rods and/or cones in the eye. The brain needs not just one rod/cone to sense the color, but a bunch of them. Once the brain recognizes that a huge number of rods/cones are reacting to a color, then you can identify it. But, if your eye lacks in working rods/cones, you need more stimulus to get your brain to identify it.

These people, such as myself, do not see black/white. Please don't assume we do.

However, I understand that there is a VERY RARE condition where there are practically NO working rods and/or cones which would lead to a total black/white colorblindness. Called Achromatopsia, or monochomacy, this happens in an estimated 1 in 33,000 people or 0.003% of people. Contrast this with typical, partial colorblindness which happens in 7% of men.
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