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Putting Style

I have a question about my putting. About half of the time, I'll put my index finger on the outside rim of the disc. The other half, I use a modified fan grip with all four fingers under the disc.

Is one way more powerful than the other? and what about accuracy?
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I always say do just do what feels most comfortable to YOU. I don't think there is a perfect grip for everyone...I've seen really good players using really weird grips for driving and putting.

I personally use a birdie grip with all fingers under. Feels good to me.
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I would say j0ats hit the nail on the head. I can't putt for beans. I have tried grip changes, stance, arm motion modifications...once I figure it out I'm not changing!
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Man, I have the most unorthodox throwing styles ever. I should post a video just to watch all the know it alls jump all over me and tell me how horrible I am. But I still average a 55 at both my local courses so whatever, dawg...

j0atz speaks the truth: whatever is comfortable and works for you, as long as it is legal by PDGA rules (assuming you plan to compete someday if you're not already.) I point my body right hip/shoulder to the basket and use all arm, no wrist with a modified three-finger grip. Seriously, even I think it looks wierd.

Haters gonna hate, bro. Do what works for you and watch you kick arse on the people who think too durn much.
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For me, stack with index under leads to better power and accuracy.
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Pick whats comfortable and stick with it. Changing your form and grip a million times will slow your progress
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I would like to say that if i let comfort dictate my disc choice, putting, or any shot in dg....i.would be worse off
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I think the index finger on the rim may lead to some consistency issues.
The flight will be affected by the amount of pressure applied by it or how rigid it is on release.
Personally, I prefer a fan grip with my index finger under the rim with the lip fitting into the first knuckle.
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I'm fairly certain that somewhere in this vid, feldi says that most pros putt with the bead in their first knuckle, and somehow this gives it a pure, non-fluttering flight.
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I use a fan grip with my index finger on the edge(not outside edge) of the disc with my pinky tucked against the rim.

I get a consistent non flutter type putt in which I can do drop putts when needed or spin putts when needed.

This is just what I use and everyone is different in what they like.That's why when I'm helping a newer player of the game I show them all of the putting grips so they can find which one they like best.

So just use what you feel most comfortable with.
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