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Question for the locals...

Whats the weather usually like that time if year?
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Horible. Nasty. Rainy. With huricane force winds and earthquakes (usualy followed by tsunamis).
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I could probably join you for Oroville. Keep us updated on the plan.
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I will keep it updated, especially when I can get the ten day forecast of the area 10 days before the trip. Saturday is just 2 courses, but there 2 of the top ten in the state. So can't go wrong there. Sunday at DeLa, UC Santa Cruz, maybe 2 small 3-6 hole courses and a private 18 holer. Friday is the big mystery. I will lay out Friday next week once I see how this weekend goes.
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ok cool so i got a update for the baskets i found on Soquel, straight from the delaveaga facebook page. We should start adding facebook page info on each course description. I hate facebook, but I would have never found the info without it...

Anyway anyone notice the 2 baskets in a Park off of Soquel Dr.?

Dave Thomas Yep. Checked those out last spring. They are Mach V's so...not ours.
September 26 at 11:32pm Like..

Dolan McElmurry right, just found it a odd place for just 2 baskets, sure its a park. No tee Pad or signs at all, besides the Public Park signs
September 27 at 6:18am Like..

Shasta Criss The county owns them.. they don't have the money to make it a park so they put in a couple of baskets. It was a way to keep the land for a future park.. so it looks like people are recreating there.
September 27 at 9:05am Like 2..

Dolan McElmurry Haha they don't have the money? Enough said...
September 27 at 10:27am via mobile Like..

Dolan McElmurry well sure they are strapped for cash, but come on, they pay there rangers/etc and waste money right n left!(maybe sounds like a dolan rant!) haha
September 27 at 11:02am Like..

Christine Houser During Masters Cup, I talked to the nice gentleman who addressed the county to put in baskets there. He is new to the sport and thought it would be the best use of that small property. It is a lesson to us avid players that in local politics, showing up is 90% of the battle.
September 27 at 1:52pm Like 1..

Dolan McElmurry my biggest grip with disc golf is seems that we don't get treated fairly...
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Yup, it's a 2 hole practice course. You should list it on DGCR.
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let me know when your up my way.. i can play auburn- grass valley- penn valley- silva's.. actually goin to play silva's tomorrow
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Birds of Paradise will indeed be open on Nov. 10th. If anyone else is interested in tagging along let me know. Hoping to tee it up by 11. As Chris mentioned the weather is uncertain, but always ready to play golf regardless. Hoping for the best of course.
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I am making my way back out to California then too i will be in the sacramento area and would love to do the Auburn run, Grass Valley and all those with you when i am out there. AS well as Birds
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id say go play ryan ranch before u play the oaks. it a more well rounded course imho, and if you get to the oaks in the afternoon the wind is usually pretty wicked 20-30mph. shoot me a pm i can show you around RR or the oaks for that matter
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