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my new orange 169g Z Force.

LOVED my old one that this one has replaced...it was oh so perfectly worn in..I could make it do anything I wanted. I hate throwing this super overstable one but I figure I have to give it some wear or until will never get to be how I want it.
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130 weight Blizzard Boss, no contest. It floats so I carry it around. The only thing I hate more than this disc is throwing actual good discs in the water.
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Great question.

My least favorite disc was a 175 Tourny Pro Cyclone or a 175ish Elite Pro MRX, and both have since been removed. The TP Cyclone was more overstable than I would like, almost like I wasn't getting it up to speed. The MRX flew like a Roc, straight to fade, but seemed like it had no glide and this was a shorter disc than my other mids.

As for right now, of discs I currently carry around, it's my 170 DX Rhyno. I love Rhynos, don't get my wrong, but the disc is relatively fresh and stupidly overstable. When it beats in, it'll be great.
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a 175g champion valk thats been in my bag from the start been replaced by star ones and other drivers.
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170 champ monarch, or 171 champ firebird. Monarch is used for tomahawks and firebird is used for short thumbers/tomahawks, approach forehands, and approach shots that need to cut hard and possibly skip.
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Ti Force. Because I chipped the edge on a piece of Ray's Landscaping equipment at Blue Ribbon Pines, on a 35 MPH windy day (gusting to 45)
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Originally Posted by Rugball View Post
Almost went with that for my pick.

I try to have backups of molds that I like since I have 2 bags, keeping one of each in each bag (minus about 4-5 in the small bag). I picked up 2 champ leopards around the same weight. One lightly broken in orange one is a nice understable fairway driver which flies as designed. The other is a tie-dye somewhat overstable one that I can never seem to release correctly. I'm either way right or release early and it hyzers way left. But I keep trying to convince myself it's the same damned disc.
You should try switching them... Just to see if it's a mental issue.
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Wahoo. Only there for short over-water shots. Have a blizz Destroyer for longer shots over water.
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Pro Wraith that was given to me in place of a disc I found for a guy. Its ugly, and I have a star wraith in my bag as well. I just need another overstable and I will take it out.
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Right now, I'd say it's my Leopards as they are getting replaced by Rivers, but I keep them in for posterity sake.
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