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depends on the day. Today i hated my rocs.....monday it was my aviars......haha, overall i like and trust all the discs in the bag for what they do equally....the ones i don't like are in my tubs in my closet.
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Firebird. I only use it when it is super windy, and then I'm not having the best time, if you know what I mean.
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Hmmm... Probably my Ti Buzzz. I just never throw it. I feel like my Vector and Axis cover all my mid duties pretty well.
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Star destroyer.
I just don't have the arm speed for it or any warp speed driver for that matter.
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Flying Squirrel. I enjoy throwing it, but it feels a little awkward and tends to be slightly inconsistent.

But it's great for stupid long putts.
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Originally Posted by jdw80550 View Post

Disc I like least in bag though is a Champ Glow Gazelle. I put a dye on it, but I let the orange sit too long and turned kinda brown. It throws well, but it's hard to find, so it has now become my roller disc.
So I lost this disc, yeah, so I got a new esp cyclone to replace it. Unfortunately, I tried a shaving cream dye and now it's ugly it does fly really nice so I'm not complaining too much.
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Mine would have to be my ESP FLX Predator. It is so insanely overstable that I only use it situationally for thumbers... So it defintely has a slot, but it's not used very much and I don't enjoy it as much as I do the rest of what I throw.
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My least favorite now are my Teebirds, I played with an 11x fly dye factory second for a few years my buddy who retails picked up from Innova's factory in Rock Hill back before they had the factory store and now these 12x's are so less stable and the champ plastic one is way too domey. Seriously these things are less stable out of the box than the one I spent 2-3 years playing with and even through thumbers with. I used to wonder about all the Innova hate you see from some of the more experienced members in my area, but I can start to see some of where the complaints about molds and inconsistency come from (the last two tournaments they ran trophies for in this area, one had the color ultra faded and dulled, and the last one didn't have any clear coat so they paid for Inncolor Star and got something like a KC Pro that the color rubbed off almost instantly so now Gateway is doing our discs, for much cheaper too, they even mix in Superglows for a couple of extra bucks). I have to say though those new flat Firebirds look like a good run and the Totem's are closer to the 11x from what I've read.
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Not serious: The putter I just used that clanked off the basket from 15 feet out

Serious: Champion Glow Gator. I only have it in the bag for windy days and short dogleg left shots 150-200 feet or when theres some serious OB or gnarly jungle on my right. Most overstable disc I've ever thrown..
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my disc that hits the tree...wait thats all of them...F@#@
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