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Old 10-13-2012, 07:34 PM
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TD'd a Random Doubles tournament today. Something came up. What would you have done?

I TD's my first tournament today. It went great, except for this one issue. Although it was hard sitting at Tournament Central watching everyone else play. I can't wait for the Ace Race I am TDing (and playing) in two weeks!

Disc Golf is brand new in my town- our course just got finished Thursday night. So we did our first tournament today. No one but me had ever been in a tournament before today (1/5 of the people had never even played disc golf). So we just wanted something super casual that was a good introduction and would get people meeting each other. We did a Random Doubles tournament, with Beginners partnered to Intermediate players.

We did 18 holes of Texas Scramble (best throw) in the morning and 9 holes of Alternating Shot in the afternoon. The problem: some people didn't get that it was a full day event, so had to leave at lunch (despite the fact that every poster and the emails I sent out the week before and the day before had a schedule of the day on them and mentioned "afternoon holes" multiple times ). If it was Scramble in the afternoon, I would've just let their partners play as single players. But it was Alternating Shot, so this didn't work: some players had a disadvantage (Beginners who lost their Intermediate partner) and some had a huge advantage (Intermediates who lost their Beginner partner. If people would've picked their partners, I would've told the remaining person that they were out of the competition but could play just for fun in the afternoon: if you pick your partner, you can deal with them being flakey. However, since it was Random Doubles, I didn't want to punish people for being assigned to the wrong partner. As the TD, what would you have done in this situation?

Here is what I did. Luckily, the two Beginners were just a little less skilled than their Intermediate partners, so I just let them play as normal- the fact that they stayed warmed up I think made up for their slight disadvantage. For the Intermediate players, I talked to them and they figured their partner would cost them about a stroke per hole (and, knowing all players involved, I agreed), so we gave them 9 extra "adjustment" throws.

Things worked out really good. I think that people finished about where they would've if everyone had stayed. It also helped that it was a really casual tournament, and most people knew me as well as each other so were way more willing to be graceful than if they were strangers. Also, we had a competition with a prize on every hole as well as a ring of fire, a door prize, and three putting games (28 prizes for 27 people) and all of these prizes were only marginally worse than the grand prize: so people didn't really care too much who won. None of the guys who lost a partner won the whole thing, but each of them won a prize elsewhere, so everyone was happy. But this could have caused some bad feelings if circumstances were different.
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Old 10-13-2012, 10:49 PM
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yes difficult scenario. i guess that is what is difficult about random doubles at a tournament. i think you handled it creatively given the casual environment. im not sure what you could have done different or what i would have done being in your place. i have to wonder if some people just didnt like their partner and hence the bail out. sounds like it was a fairly successful turnout none the less. perhaps you could have taken the two total from the bail out teams and average them. then join the remaining players for a round. IE team one shots 50 and team 2 60, pair the odd players from 1 and 2 and give them a score of 55 for their theoretical first round. that way there is no mulligan shots.
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Old 10-13-2012, 11:06 PM
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In hindsight, with two beginners and two intermediates, the numbers worked out and your solution probably was a better one. I like it!

I don't think was issues with their partner- at least three of them happened to get partnered with a friend. I think it was just people being oblivious.
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Old 10-14-2012, 09:29 AM
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If you had two Intermediates and two Beginners without partners, you could pair them up for the afternoon round or completely redraw teams. Then just do the afternoon as a separate event and do prizes for the morning round and for the afternoon round separately. Or, do individual awards for the whole day based on each player's total score for the team they played on in the morning and the afternoon.
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