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Default Course in Washington DC

I'm new to disc golf and only recently started playing in the Washington, DC area, to the extent that it's possible. I live in DC proper, but have to schlep to Maryland or Virginia to play. I'm wondering if anyone can lend some insight into course history for DC. Has a course ever existed within the district, and if not, why? The obvious answer may have to do with availability of green space, but we actually have quite a lot of underused public green space along the margins of the city. Anacostia Park, for example, presents miles of green space with intermittent trees. There are even sections of Rock Creek that would facilitate a small 9-hole course. Any history or words of wisdom on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
On a related topic, I can't seem to find an active DG club in DC, which is surprising given the demographics of the city and its active meetup scene.
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Courses in any major city can be hard to find simply because of the density of the population and the value of the land. Disc golf needs a lot of space and it doesn't share well. So finding appropriate land to accommodate a course in an area where the demand for land is very high is extremely difficult. It's far easier for the locals to focus their efforts on getting courses in the ground in surrounding areas where space is more readily available.

There are a number of very active clubs around DC, but without any courses in the city, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a club based there.
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My thought is that the people who choose to be in DC, and who run things there, are too busy being serious, playing power games, and ruining, er, running other peoples' live to be interested in something as fun as disc golf.

(And then there's that about major cities....)
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I have looked at trying to get a course in in DC. What keeps me from giving it the old college try is primarily that the parks that are of sufficient size (Anacostia, Rock Creek) are owned/run by the federal government rather than by the city. Anyone know of any disc golf courses on federal land anywhere? I imagine the red tape is thick.
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I grew up right outside of DC and got my start playing Disc Golf around the area. There aren't any courses in DC proper. I believe there's a 9 hole course in Capitol Heights, but honestly I wouldn't bother with that area. If you're near Georgetown there is a course in Arlington (Bluemont), and a course in McLean (don't play it). Your best bets for courses around that area are Seneca Creek and hoofing it out west to Fairfax, Lorton, etc. Richmond has a number of pretty solid courses, same with Fredericksburg, VA if you're willing to make a day trip out of it. I don't know about any clubs in DC proper, but I know that NoVA has a couple clubs that are pretty active, despite playing mediocre courses.
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Originally Posted by jsemales View Post
a course in McLean (don't play it).
definitely skip this one! Prob a 1 star course, better than nothing at all.
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