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Looks long an open so...
R-Pro Boss until I'm close enough for a something else like a Buzzz or Challenger.
If it gets woodsy, somwhere far from the basket, Champ Beast or Champ Archon.

Friends don't let friends throw R-Pro in the woods.
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saint or nuke
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River from all tee if theres a tailwind, Destroyer if not
River again from the fairway
Axis or Ion to get up there
Anode to finish.
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surge or sidewinder twice, then roc.
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mmm... tasty!
either an AJ destroyer or pro depending on wind.
another destroyer or maybe a roc or pd depending on first throw.
finish with wizard.
make comment on how relatively quickly i got there.
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Long tee; Probably a Champ Wraith twice, thumber with Champ Wraith if outside 200, if not RPro Rhyno on third shot.

Middle tee; RHBH CHamp Wraith twice, then putt with my Rhyno

Short tee; RHBH Champ Wraith, upshot with Rhyno
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That hole is KNARLY!! Especially from the blue tees. Played it over the summer and that course is definitely in my top 5. On to pressing business.

I had the pleasure of taking a 3 on the hole with the following:

Big backhand roller that I got to land about at the crest of the hill then roll about halfway down the other side. (Westside King)

Sky flex anny from about 400 with a gateway spirit, landed about 50 short of the pin in the brush well short of the lake.

Jump put gateway wizard managed to stay in the basket.

I was tempted to quit disc golf all together after that. Haven't put together a hole quite like that one in the 5 months following. Of course we don't have any courses as demanding as Pickard here in stl either...
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I've played this hole once from the blue tee and took a 7 on it. Can't remember what I threw but it obviously didn't work.
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RHFH Wraith (x2), Upshot, Putt
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