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Originally Posted by benjammin172 View Post
I heard they have trouble both weighing discs and manning up.

Just what I heard...
No kidding, you guys should quit while you're ahead. I'll never shop there again.
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Thank you for telling me my own thoughts? This was not out of spite, it was out of my love for MSt and me letting everyone know how great they are in a NEW thread. And I know no one at MSt and have ZERO ties with them. Just a fan!
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Originally Posted by smatica View Post
I believe you already did, in that specific thread (more than once). This thread was created purely out of spite.
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Originally Posted by DiscNutt123 View Post
Even the best looking woman isn't perfect all the time. She's still the best looking woman though.

Tru dat. Tru dat.
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I spoke with JohnnyDepth on this one.....

He says, "Marshall St. DOMINATES!"
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marshal street has shipped me everything correctly seven times out of seven. i recommend them to all my buddies, and no body has ever had anything to say except, dang that came fast.

also, thier disc descriptions are fantastic. i appriciate that they expect we know what were buying, so that all they hafta put in thier description is a youtube link to a grateful dead concert.

but no matter what...
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Marshall Street is so great they even send me stuff that I don't order! (Thanks for the Saint, Trenton)
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I don't give a damn for the whole state of Massachusetts, but I do love Marshall Street. Just dropped $53 yesterday for a BUNCH of Gateway magics.
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