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I love me some marshall st too. Plus does anyone remember that christmas they put all their Lat64 on sale for like 25% off. I think we sold them out! Do it again Trenton!
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I think MSt need some of there finest plastic in really nice frames on the wall, Wink Wink
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Two thumbs up for Marshall Street. I always go to them first when ordering.
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made my first order with them today, needed glow discs for our glow league for next wednesday, i hope they make it to AK in time
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you'll probly have em saturday whenever your mail comes
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anybody else looking at that glow deal and drooling? 25% off? buy three get a fourth for free? chyea.
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Originally Posted by dontbl1nk View Post
I used marahallstreet for a long time, then they messed up on my order pretty bad. The system showed they had a weight of disc that they didn't. I specifically ordered an old striker stamp and I got a new one and they shipped one of the discs in my order to someone else. I later got a replacement on that disc but it was only after I called and then later had to send an email to get it done. I use volo/DD/DN/hazardiscs now.

Hazard Discs rocks, best online seller bar none. Accurate, competitive prices and hell-a-fast shipping.

CJ's for local and Hazard for online, win-win.
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Originally Posted by McFer View Post
$17.99 for Westside Tournament plastic at Disc Nation, $14.99 at MSt. That's a free disc every 4th one or so, and MSt gets from MA to NC in 2-3 days, for free.


When I go disc shopping, I don't want to have to price compare every disc. MS has the lowest prices on everything so far as I've found to date. Or if GGGT has them beat on a disc, it's only by a few pennies in my experience, which is usually more than evened out by the free shipping. It only takes one outlier like the one above to trap you. I don't want to get trapped, and I don't want to spend the time and attention, and basically suffer the inconvenience required to avoid the trap.
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wow, never seen them before. Just had a bad experience at another place. In my former life (before my 5 years off) i used GGGT religiously for my stuff, now, in the last few months i used a diferent place, and didn't recieve a disc and mini, so i'm giving up on them (despite buying a basket and about 15 discs from them)...hearing good things about marshall street, so placing an order today.
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Love MSt. I used to order from Prime all the time back in the day but after Disc Nation bought them out they are overpriced and slow shipping. I get my orders from MSt in 2 days and they have great prices/deals and a great selection of x-outs.
Volo is not far behind and have great customer service, disc descriptions and deals.
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