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Originally Posted by the Duff View Post
One of my home courses. When the pin was in the long position it took two good tugs from my Flash before I could approach. It played longer than listed. Add one stroke if your left of the fairway which is a steep incline full of trees. Right side is safer. The only sloppy hole on the course if it rains. There's a drain at the end of the fairway. The pin is now on the right which chopped about 100 feet off. Now you want the left side of the fairway as far as you can tug then its an upshot on to the right side with a fairway driver. X Nuke, Z XL, Challenger.
I played this course Saturday. My favorite of the three courses that I have played when visiting the Quad Cities (other two are Eastern Ave and Middle Park). Hole has not been messy at all the three times I've been there, but it has been a dry summer. The path is paved (you can't see most of it in the pic because of the mud), so if you are like me you want to try to avoid hitting the path. The upshot that the Duff mentions is deceptively high and I ended up with three shots to make the putt Saturday (my putting needs a lot of work, too).

The hole as it is now: Blizzard Katana, Cobra, Dart/Blowfly (depending on angle whether rolling might be a problem if I miss).

The hole as it is shown: Blizzard Katana, Teebird or Shark, Dart.
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Blizzard boss or maybe a roller with a PPD.
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P-PD off the tee for sure. then... I dunno. Fuse, putt. Fuse, pure, putt. one of those.
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Teebird, then Wizard for the approach and putt.
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Beat Eagle L off the tee. same again if needed or just a KC Pro Roc to approach. Putt, Putt
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Wraith, flow, buzz, pure
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teebird teebird teebird magnet
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Relax my throw with a Monarch 165. Probalbly move to the buzzzzzzzz. and finish using a JuJu. Pin out with a 3. Right? maybe not.
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champ beast anny around the light pole, park it up by the grouping of trees. dx cro approach and finish
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