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Depending on the wind, Blizzard Boss or Katana off the tee.
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ESP Nuke (light weight) off the tee, probably the second shot too. Who knows what I'd throw after that.
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Star Destroyer twice, FLX Challenger upshot, Wizard to putt
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Flippy Nuke, Teebird and then I'll hopefully be just inside or just outside the circle for a putt.
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Seasoned P-PD, hard throw. The rough looks like it's only a good mowing away from being fairway, so not too worried about being a little right. Then a crisp P-PD low line down the hill, hoping to park it. Pures/Yeti to clean it up.
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a nuke on a big anny up high for the big s shot (downhill, so that will hopefully leave me about a 250' upshot), opto pure, and EZE pure to end on a birdie.
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PD, PD, Wizard to finish
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CFR Glow Sidewinder, CFR Glow Sidewinder, Putt for 3. That' what I did at the Team Tournament in June there.
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I love this course lots of fun, depending on the wind a vip king or a legacy works great here
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Looks like a lot depends on the wind. The grass looks moderately tall but if you keep your eyes open, throwing into the grass should not be an issue. However, looking at the map it shows OB directly behind the basket, so a second max distance drive is apparently not advisable.


Pinnacle Canon to open.
TeeBird or FireBird depending on wind.
Ion to mop up.
Tap in 4.
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