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Around here, the TD doesn't respond to your email asking for justification of not allowing anyone to play without a partner.
So you say, "F*** it!"" and don't bother supporting their fundraising cause.
Instead, you spend the day with the baby and the dog, making a trip to the local course for a casual round.

Hypothetically, of course.
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Usually around here, a cali has the option of paying twice, and by doing so gets two shots per lie instead of a single extra throw on the hole. Even if he pays only once, if he gets a cash position, he gets everything that place would have gotten if won by a pair. Granted, our RDD meetups are so small that we usually only pay the winner(s).
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around here people either do one extra throw per hole OR an extra throw on all shots outside the circle so you can putt only once from within 33.

not sure how the payouts work. i would assume Cali gets it all.
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For my weekly doubles, Cali gets one extra shot per hole regardless of par. If they pay double then they get 2 of every shot and take the best shot. They can take their extra shot whenever they want but they need to state they are taking their Cali pretty quick. In other words, make up your mind and let's move it along.
Payout is what the spot pays out 100%. Good luck.
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At hawk hollow I had to play doubles. I had 2 rethrows per hole and was at a clear disadvantage. But if I were given an extra throw on every throw I would have had a huge advantage and it would not have been fair to the other players.

As far as payment, you have to pay double to win double, if you had a partner you would split the pot.

And I agree with Rocthecourse, dont show up asking to play Cali.

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We call it an odd dog. 1 extra throw per hole. Recently a local league instituted a "super dog" where you pay twice and get a throw from each lie. Either way, if they win, they get 100% of 1st place money.
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Locally it depends on the course. Our 2 easier courses, cali only pays once, gets 1 extra shot per hole, and gets full payout. On our harder course, cali has the option to pay double, if he/she pays double they get 2 shots per lie and full payout.

If we use an A/B pool to do a Pro/Am draw, it gets MORE complicated. Long tees, cali comes from the pro side, shorts, ams.
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I have seen it where they get 100% and they have 2 options once they find out they are cali (this is random draw doubles).
Option A: is one extra throw per hole they can choose where they want to us it.
Option B: pay for their "partner" and get 2 shots from each lie
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I think the advantage goes to the guy with extra throws.....
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Thanks for all the advice.

I am planning on having a small seeded doubles mini (highest PDGA rating plays with the lowest PDGA rating). If there is an odd number of players, I was going to have the middle rated player play cali.

Based on the responses above, it appears that full payout is the most common, regardless of single or double payment. I will probably have the cali person pay the individual rate, get 1 extra throw per hole, and be eligible for 100% of the payout.
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