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Originally Posted by JRW III View Post
Thanks for all the advice.

I am planning on having a small seeded doubles mini (highest PDGA rating plays with the lowest PDGA rating). If there is an odd number of players, I was going to have the middle rated player play cali.

Based on the responses above, it appears that full payout is the most common, regardless of single or double payment. I will probably have the cali person pay the individual rate, get 1 extra throw per hole, and be eligible for 100% of the payout.
That sounds like a good plan.
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We play A & B pool, scrambles. If the mulligan is an A player, they get one extra shot per hole. If it's a B player, it's one extra shot per throw. Whoever gets mulligan shouldn't have to pay extra. Mulligan sucks. If your partner is having a bad day, you're screwed.
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We play random draw dubs a lot around here and there is always an odd amount of people. In my experience, that person still pays the total amount and still plays Cali by Cali rules (1 extra throw per hole from any shot). If they win, they take the same amount as a team would get for winning. The only difference is we always make sure that the person who ends up being Cali is at least a player that would be playing Advanced. We've never had any complaints about this system and we've found that the Cali player wins about 40 percent of the time.
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the cali player doesn't actually throw as many shots as a true doubles team. only one extra shot per hole. and that's if you need the shot. if you throw a drive and park it, hopefully you'll make the putt. it's not always a given that a cali player will throw an extra.

typically, a cali player here will just pay the standard entry. we have a cali player when there is an odd man out for doubles events, which have a set entry fee. i would feel bad charging double because someone drew a Joker in a deck of cards. plus, with one extra shot per hole there is already a disadvantage number-wise.

if they win, they deserve a little more payout. it's not like people jump up and down hoping for cali often...
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$10 entry - 1 extra shot per hole pays out 50% of what a winning team would get.

$20 entry (pay double) - 2 extra shots per lie paid out 100% of a team
(should only be available if the lone wolf or Cali was randomly selected)

Any other time, paying double gets you full payout but you don't get 2 shots for every lie.
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we don't let cali pay twice, anybody who is any good will win if given two shots from every lie.
we pay cali 100% of that winning spot.
we do not give strokes for the par 4 holes but I think we probably should.

we do not let someone show up late and take the cali spot if cards have been drawn. We have a few guys who could win every time if we let them play cali.
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Wait a minute, when did "Cali" get bastardized? Cali, by definition, is one extra throw per hole. Some areas allow the odd man out to throw double or to throw Cali. Y'all using "Cali" synonymous with "odd man out" are ruining the sport!!!!

Back in the day, it was not uncommon for our group of friends to play "Cali Singles", which just meant everybody playing singles, but throwing once extra per hole.
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Reviving this thread as it is the closest I could find to my question.
I run a A / B "random" draw doubles at moraine state park.
We randomly pair A players with B players.
The remaining players are paired randomly.
If it is BB they get -3 and if it is AA they get +3.
If there is an odd number we have a "Cali" player.
The Cali player gets 1 extra throw on the par 3 and 4's. We give them 2 extra throws on the par 5's.
Only the first throw counts for the ace pot.
The Cali player always has the option to pay twice and get two shots on every throw and then any ace counts.( I realize this is contentious, but it's what's been voted)
The Cali player gets all the money for their position regardless.

Currently if the Cali is a B player they get -3 and if the Cali is an A player they get +3. (Regardless if they paid twice).
Some people see this as unfair.
I am looking for some arguments for either side or just general thoughts I can apply to the situation.

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Originally Posted by prerube View Post
If the cali player wants extra throws he will pay double and get the same prize as a doubles team
This, except around my area, cali is treated as a team whether they pay to be their own partner (2 throws from each lie) or not (1 extra throw per hole), and are paid out as such.
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Originally Posted by Pwingles View Post
This, except around my area, cali is treated as a team whether they pay to be their own partner (2 throws from each lie) or not (1 extra throw per hole), and are paid out as such.
same here.
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