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Old 10-01-2012, 04:52 PM
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My Nutsac holds about 7 and Im happy with that on most courses around me.
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Old 10-01-2012, 05:01 PM
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I carry 12-13 in my Fade Crunch bag. The pocket and drink holder is better than most small bags. I use to use a Slim Jim from Lat 64 but the strap sucked, drink holder sucked and it did not hod up.

For the price, Fade is the best small bag.
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Old 10-01-2012, 05:44 PM
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Thanks for the replies, folks. Just to clarify: I'm interested in knowing how many discs people carry in their Voodoo Juju, Revolution Mini and Mini deluxe, and Gorilla Boy Spider and Squirrel Monkey.

Nothing against your Fades, your Nutsacs, or your various other size bags and lists of molds in your bags....but I have a full size bag already and am really just interested in the small bags I listed.

From what I've read so far it sounds like most people are able to fit more than the specified number for each model.

Anybody with a Juju want to chime in?
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Old 10-01-2012, 05:48 PM
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I use a CrunchBox for everyday play and I generally have about 10-12 discs in it. I can get up to 16 in it if I pack in a bunch of drivers. I can also put 3 putters in the putter pocket (crammed albeit).
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Old 10-01-2012, 05:48 PM
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Fade crunching 16 disc in there
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Old 10-01-2012, 06:12 PM
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Revo Mini maxes at 12 discs for me, 12 is crammed though and can be rough getting discs in and out, like the key clip, zippered and mesh compartment, but small footprint of bag makes it tip over easily...
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Old 10-01-2012, 06:37 PM
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I have a GB Spider Monkey (very well designed and constructed) and carry nine discs comfortably.
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Old 10-01-2012, 08:10 PM
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I don't always carry a bag (almost never actually), but when I do, I carry a GB Squirrel Monkey. It easily holds 10 for me: 2 putters (one in the putter pocket), 3 mids, and 5 drivers. I have nothing but good things to say about the Squirrel Monkey. Highly recommended.
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Old 10-01-2012, 08:12 PM
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I love my Mojo, so I would have to suggest the juju, these bags are amazing.
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Old 10-01-2012, 08:28 PM
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I have a Squirrel Monkey and love it. I can easily carry 14 discs without filling the zippered front pocket. It also has the best single strap I've tried.
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