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Originally Posted by grodney View Post
Really? That's your argument?

Why should we have to define a putt? Shall we also require a "skillful" show of balance on all shots?
Putts need to be defined if different rules govern the play...and as of now there are different rules for putts than other shots.

Requiring "skill" on all shots...They almost did that with Stand and Deliver. don't give them any ideas...before you know it we'll all be strapped into a teepad throwing lids.
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In 1996 there was a Proposed Rule Revision to eliminate the Falling Putt rule altogether (thus making them legal), and I believe it was put to a member vote. I'd say it's more likely the rules bill be changed to allow them than to disallow them.
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In the earlier discussion linked from the PDGA forum post (http://conraddamon.com/pdga/2011/FallingPutt.txt) the proposal was for flags/markers to mark a line on the fairway past which follow throughs / falling putts would not be allowed. That sort of marker would not be nearly as bad as a 30m circle. For narrow fairways, it would even be less work than painting 10m circles.
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Funny stuff.

So we should allow jump putts because it's hard for beginners to do it correctly?

Then 400' drives should be outlawed, it's too hard for beginners to do.
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I vote for allowing all falling putts just for simplicity. From 10 ft. and in I don't think it makes a difference if you can fall forward or not, they are going in most of the time. From 10-30 ft. I guess it could make it easier to putt for some but really I don't think it will affect it all that much.

That said part of me would like to see the current rule stand because it's quirky and something that makes our sport unique. I almost always like quirkiness, unless it's something that makes my life significantly more difficult.
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this is stupid. you are all arguing with someone who has a troll guy avatar.

please lock thread.
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Warning: don't take this too seriously

In a similar notion, would it be possible to get a bill in that ONLY allows jump putts? I mean if you can legitimately get rid of one style of putting outside of the circle.... you could propose getting rid of the other style.

I know... everybody is thinking, "but I can't jump over a piece of paper"... or "that old guy at leagues would break a hip"... or "that sounds dumb".

Yeah, that is how I feel about getting rid of jump putting. I feel that disallowing a technique is to limit the sport. I understand no jump putts in the circle because, otherwise, I would just be dunking every single putt inside of 18 feet.
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Who is arguing, we are discusing thoughts on jump putts and stance rules. I enjoy learning what others who have been around longer than me think about these things and I'm also interested in new players thoughts.

I didn't get trolled, I understood that it wasn't really going to happen.
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No big deal either way. I would probably lean towards eliminating jump-putting seeing as how most folks I have seen do it, do it incorrectly and let the disc go while both their feet are in the air. Not to mention how cheezy they look doing it. But I dont see many of them make the shot anyways, so not high on my priority list. If someone wants to flail themselves around and look uncoordinated to save a foot or two of distance so be it.
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Call me Mr. Cheezy.... I am probably more accurate from 45 feet (probably about 25%) with a jump putt than from 25 feet with a push putt (probably like 20%). It makes no sense to me. I guess what it really means is that I need to be working on inside the circle.
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