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Originally Posted by codyroberts18 View Post
So what will they call it if Paul McBeth doesn't endorse it? Or will they possibly just do away with it? I mean after all, how dumb would it be to add another mold to the roc confusion. Just me though.
They'll put black sharpy over the Paul Mcbeth and write "Traded to Will Schusterick"
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Originally Posted by Prototype View Post
No, I had both in the bag at the time that I was throwing the roc. The buzzz had some turn and a sharper fade. The roc had no turn and a very short but noticeable fade. The roc also flew on low tunnel type shots a little better. This isnt a roc vs buzzz thread. It is a McBeth roc thread. Thanks for the input though.
In my experience, the only thing buzzz's are better than rocs at doing is flying lower lines. Or did you mistakenly type that backwards and actually mean what I said?
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Originally Posted by Kp0c View Post
Well, I think it is appropriate to compare the new Roc to something we pretty much all know, the flight of a Buzzz...
Is you Buzzz a heavy Z ? I find that my esp have a tad of turn while Z my does not really.

Anyway, it seems interesting that the flight of this new Roc is mostly straight with a gentle forward fade. It sounds exactly like my dx glo Ontario Roc and definitly less stable than a star San Marino. Anyone compared the new Roc with dx Ontario (flightwise)?
Ok guys, hang with me!
I had a sparkle cryztal buzzz 10/10 177+ in the bag comparing them. The buzzz and McB roc flew almost the same. The only difference is that the roc had a more compact fade. The fade on both discs happens around the same distance. For example, say I threw the buzzz and roc 250' toward a basket, the buzzz would start at 225 to fade and end up around 235-240'. The roc would fade around 225' and forward fade to 245-250'. The difference being when the new buzzz started to slow down, it would fade and land left of the pin. The roc would would continue forward penetration while fading, leaving you left of the pin at a shorter distance.

Originally Posted by Pwingles View Post
In my experience, the only thing buzzz's are better than rocs at doing is flying lower lines. Or did you mistakenly type that backwards and actually mean what I said?
The buzzz did hold low lines good, but the roc did too. I felt like I could rip into the roc more. To me the buzzz is my favorite mid, but the McB roc has its place on those shots that you dont want any turn on. It really did fly like my TI wasp with less fade and like my new buzzz with less turn. Hope it all makes sense!
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Take mcbeths name off and call it the champion buzard
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Originally Posted by Rastaman View Post
Take mcbeths name off and call it the champion buzzard
Then they'd have to get it approved instead of "expanding" the Roc lineup.
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I like the flight descriptions so far. Sounds a lot like the Mako, which is straight, straight, straight, but rocs just have a great feel in the hand. The bead just fits better in my hand and for some reason gives me more confidence to just rip it. I don't know if anyone else feels like that, but that's the difference between rocs and buzzzs to me and I throw both. A buzzz gets tossed or thrown, but a roc rips out of your hand in a different way, if that makes sense.

Anyway, it sounds like a useful disc for somebody like me, if it's a straighter out-of-the-box roc. Some new champ plastic has been coming out that looks and feels great too, more like Opto than stiff, slick Champ. Just wondering though, I doubt McBeth takes his name off of it, but if he does I wonder what the production stamp will be. And if it flies so much differently than a Champ Rancho, or any other roc FTM, should it be called a roc?

Maybe it'll be like those super sweet king cobra and super stingray stamps when they first hit shelves.
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disc feels like it will be that goto disc. I wonder how much hss it will have. It felt like a flat 11x eagle to me in the hand.
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Okay, one thing that I am particularly curious about when it comes to the Buzzz comparisons is the speed related stability.

One reason I don't carry / don't really enjoy the buzzz is because of the way it flies when powered down. I was only able to get that famed "frozen rope" flight I always heard about when I was laying into it, if I ever had to power down for anything under say... 300 ft, it would always fade out harder than I liked.

A mid like the Wasp or Roc handles variance in speed and power much more consistently than the buzzz in my opinion. Do these Roc's also fly drastically more stable at lower speeds like a Buzzz will?
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Threw this yesterday for the first time. Extremely impressed at its true stability in a variety of conditions. I launched it flat into a head wind and flew on a straight line. FH tossed it a few times with it resisting turning under torque better than the USDGC 09 I threw and much better than the KC flat top I FH'ed as well.

The KC and DX flatops i have, have less headwind stability and less glide. Really seems like a Z Buzzz HSS, midflight, with a gentle Roc fade finish only coming out the very end of its flight. I never turned it over once either, wind or not, its a great flying mid that I hope goes production.

Next test is with the buzzz side by side.
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Not reading the whole thread but is there going to be a production run of these?
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