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Playing after a knee injury

I tore my ACL in my right knee in April and had my whole knee reconstructed at the end of June. I missed the whole summer recoving and now I'm playing with a big brace I throw right hand back hand and fear really stepping into my drives. I can still throw like 350. But I'm hurting after a round my forehand throw is not very good and I can only get like 200 out of it. I'm just wondering if anyone has been in the situation and know a better way to throw with less pressure on your front leg thanks
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I have had major knee surgery on my right knee as well, but I'm fortunate enough to throw left handed so it's not my pivot/power leg. But it still took me a full year before I felt 100% comfortable with full power throws. So the best piece of advice I can give is to be patient. You're only 6 months out from injury and 4 months out from surgery. ACL recovery is typically a 9-12 month process, even for elite athletes. You might be asking too much to be able to fix your throw to protect your knee at this point.

Also, I assume you have had or are doing physical therapy. Talk to your therapist and demonstrate the motions you want to be able to do with confidence. I did this with my therapist, and had to emphasize that it wasn't just casually throwing a frisbee in the park, but a full body motion throw. Once they understand your goal, the therapist should be able to give you exercises that focus on strengthening the appropriate muscles to protect your knee better when you throw.

Give it time and don't rush anything. Good luck.
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maybe not rush just yet
3 months is too early

I would try to stick to a FH drive for now (consider it practice) until you are at least at the 6 month post surgery

for me it's my left leg but I am RHBH dominant

make sure you continue to wear the brace

from my experience it is likely to be until the 12 months post surgery before you will actually feel more comfortable

my previously reconstructed ACL is fully torn again
I still play, no brace, again it's not my plant leg unless I forehand but it is the push off leg for BH drives

the only time I really have an issue is after a long round on steep hills
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Pain is bad and means you really should tone it down or even stop. Either stay away, or throw BH from a stand still only and develop the forehand. I was forced to develop my forehand after a severe shoulder injury. I hadn't needed one for decades up to that injury. That FH development is what kept me in the game and it sounds like it would benefit you too. Just have to protect that knee a few more months. You do NOT want to injure the repair before its healed because redoing the knee again will be 20x worse than it is now. Scar tissue can ruin your day....that is where I am now I think.
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Well thanks for everyone's input I played a 9 hole this morning and felt pretty good but i didn't have to really step into anything and winters coming up so I'm just gonna rehab alot and make sure I'm ready for the spring tourneys around here. Thanks again
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