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Question Making a big road trip...NC, GA, AL, TN, MS!

First off, I'm heading to Chartlotte, NC.

I have enough time to play 1 long/difficult course (about 2 hours) or 2 short/easier courses. (never played any Charlotte courses)

From there I'm headed to Augusta, GA (IDGC).

Only have enough time to play one of the 3 courses. How would you rate them, your top choice and second choice?

From there I'm headed to Aurburn, AL...nothing really there (more of a pitstop)

From there onto Mississippi...going by these areas and can venture off the path for courses along the way. Hattiesburg, Jackson, Columbus, and Starkville. (played various courses here and there)

On the way back I will be traveling through Huntsville, AL, Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN. Never played any courses in any of these cities.

Thanks for all your help/insight!

For anyone who would like to meet up and play I will be starting my journey around the October 6th or 7th!
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My only suggestion is to play "The Sinks" in Chattanooga. Great course!
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Hornet's Nest was my favorite in Charlotte, but I've only played 6 of the 837 courses they have there. Of the IDGC courses, I would say WR Jackson, followed by Steady Ed.
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Chautauqua Park in Crystal Springs, Mississippi is really fun. Close to Jackson.
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when you get to the QC definitely play Renny or the Nest. If you're going to play the Nest go early in the day. It's close to UNCC and it gets crowded in the afternoon. Renny Gold is a monster and it may take 3 hours plus to play gold if it's your first time. but it's worth it.

You may also want to check out Va-Du-Mar in Boiling Springs SC. It's right of I-85 just north of Spartanburg. It's a good course in the Upstate. The new one in Central SC is supposed to be a madman too. But I moved back to NC before it was finished. Va-Du-Mar was my favorite upstate course when I lived there.

EDIT: If you're going through TN on the way back swing up to Bowling Green KY. they have some nice courses up there too.
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So for your vacation you're going to be driving by and missing as many great courses as possible?

Can't linger longer in Charlotte, Augusta, or in between?

re: IDGC

In my view, they're all very good and the distinguishing factor is that W.R. Jackson is longer, tougher, more grueling. Which also makes it my favorite. So it depends on what you want, and how much time you've got to spend. You can't go wrong but if you don't want to tackle the toughest, I'd go with Headrick, mainly because it's got the water shots (if the lake's got water in it).
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Swoop down and hit some ATL courses and then come to Columbus,GA to play Flat Rock Park. Then go to Auburn.
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R.L. Smith in Charlotte is a phenomenal course!
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Originally Posted by GoodDriveBadPutt View Post
Chautauqua Park in Crystal Springs, Mississippi is really fun. Close to Jackson.
This is a good one, also the Rez in Jackson

In Hattiesburg, Ashe Lake and Paul B. Johnson (27 holes)
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Do you have to go to all these places for reasons besides disc golf or are you traveling solely to play?? I would personally stay longer and play more courses in Charlotte and all the courses at the IDGC if it were me. Less time driving, more time playing! I couldn't go to either of these places and just play one course, it would be such a tease!
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