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Bought my first three discs all at once.

DX Wraith
DX Shark
Lightning #2 Putter

Still have all three.
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Yellow Dx Valkyrie, unfortunately it was gone after I played my first water hazard course: Vista Del Camino. It wasn't even me who lost it; my brother threw it backhand too far over the water and I didn't want him drowning or anything over a beat up DX disc.
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Alas I do not. I started out with a champ Orc and I used to just muscle the hell out of sidearms on the thing on every shot, but I could crank it almost 350' out of the box. Eventually It ended up 80ft up in a tree somewhere in the foliage, I looked for a half hour and even came back the next morning and never saw it again
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I started out buying two discs in the summer of 2010.

A DX Beast and a DX P&A Aviar

I used the Aviar all the way up until this year and replaced it with a heavier DX Aviar and I have no clue where I put the beast.
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My 1st discs were from a Wham-O starter set. I still have them.
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I still have my 40 mold 163 gram #3 glow frisbee that I bought from Tom Monroe, out of his van, in 1977. That was my first weighted golf disc. I threw Frisbee 119 gram 40 molds prior to that.
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I originally purchased a DX Viper and a Pro Rhyno at a gas station on the way to the course.

The Viper is long gone, but I still have the Rhyno....have not thrown it for years.
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I have 1 of the 3 original discs I started with. That is a blue DX roc. I got rid of my DX Valk because it became so flippy and the Halex putter I was using split in half when I hit a tree. yeah, a halex. I know....bad bad bad disc.
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I still have the 150-class Aviar that came in my starter set. The Shark and Leopard are long since gone.
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My first discs were a DX valk, DX destroyer and DX Dart. I still have all 3. I primarily used the Valk, since I couldn't control the destroyer, so the NC trees have beat it pretty well. I used the Dart (even though "no one" used it, couldn't justify buying a new one until I discovered the JK Aviar and started using my putter mold for approach shots).
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