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Subicon's mixed bag

Just curious about what people might thing of my bag.

175g Organic Wizard x2 - Used 99% for putts <50ft. I used to drive with them, but they just can't handle tree hits very well. Which is why I use my...

167g Vibram Ridge - Used mostly for driving on short, wooded holes or 80'+ approaches.

176g DX Sonic - touch approaches, tends to crack if I nail long putts with it, but cheap enough to replace.

180g S Element - Warped from tree hits, super flippy, mostly used for tight shots or turn over shots.

180g KC Roc - Beat and domey. I am looking for another domey KC to compliment it right now.

180g Z Glo Buzzz - Only had it for a few months, but it is great for low line drives. Handles driver power without flipping.

180g Evo Karma - Very stable, used for flex shots and windy days.

175 Star Teebird - This replaced a lost Echo Star Teebird. I love this disc, but not as much as the one I lost.

168g Star Eagle - Used for shots that need more stability than the Teebird

163g Blizzard DD2 - Ridiculously understable after only one tree hit. I use it for heavy tailwind drives, anhyzers, and rollers. Hit my first ace with it last week.

152g Blizzard Boss - Max D for calm or mild tailwind conditions. Not quite as stable as I'd like.

175g Champ Starfire - Found it at a park with no name/no number and have mostly just been experimenting with it. Very flat top, seems to like about 8-9/10 power and goes straight as an arrow.

175g Champ Wraith - Domey, but stable and glides for days. This is my favorite distance driver due to how consistent it flies. Hits 450'+ no problem. I really want to find at least one or two more like it so that I always have a back-up.

Coming soon to my bag-
180g DX Aero - I lost my old one about a month ago, unfortunately, and it has been sorely missed. I use it for 100-180' approaches/runs at the basket, for short, anhyzer drives, or for uphill woods shots when I need the glide.

172g+ Vibram Trak
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I would add a nice understable fairway driver. I use a roadrunner, and a beat Eagle L. I know you have the DD2 but a fairway driver will be more controllable and consistent.
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I did have a super flippy Eagle-L that I lost a while back. Might have to pick another up. Thanks.
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Only thing I noticed is that you could probably easily knock out the Karma with a new KC Pro Roc, until it wears in. Seems like an Aero and a Sonic would/could compete for a lot of the same shots.
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