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TeeRex - (STAR) - 175g.
RoadRunner - (Champ) - 170-174g.
Havoc - (GOLD LINE) - 170-174g.
Surge - ("Z") - 170-174g.
Soft Challenger -174-175g.

Like to also try.

Strikers & MVP Volts. 170-175g.

Colors the brighter the better.
Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, White.

Shirt size XL - (DRY FIT)- 2XL

Could always use more mini's & towels.

Hope that helps out and any thing would really do ......
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In again for the third year

Likes: Glow golf (discs, lights, etc.), unusual minis, R-Pro XDs, pre-numbers/older XDs, champ plastic, beer, miscellaneous disc golf swag (stickers, patches, posters, etc.) I like the sounds of a glow champ Whippet. Always like to try overstable/stable mids. I like drivers in the 170 range. I am pretty unfamiliar with some of the newer disc companies so Id like to try out some new things. Surprise me!

In the bag now Crystal FLX Nuke, Champ Katana, Champ glow Katana, Champ Orc, Z Surge SS, Champ Sidewinder, Champ glow Roadrunner, Star Mako, FLX Drone, Champ Gator, Champ Rhyno, and finally two R-pro XDs.

Dislikes: Blizzard plastic, DX (or similar) plastic, inked discs, Super-fast, heavy, overstable drivers, the color pink.

Shirt: XL
Hat: standard?

Thanks to Trenton and the others for running the show!
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so we are getting our **** together and getting numbers and all that good stuff together! The names will be given out soon! It's time to get in the spirit!!!
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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
so we are getting our **** together and getting numbers and all that good stuff together! The names will be given out soon! It's time to get in the spirit!!!
I thought the last day for signups was midnight on or the day before thanksgiving and that names would be given out over the Turkey Weekend?

Although early is better Gives me more time to shop selectively and find some sweet stuff.
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Originally Posted by Connor Jones View Post
Alright I told myself I wouldn't but I give in.

I like Rocs of any kind
Morays are sweet.
Pro Rhynos
Destroyers(Prefer pro but could take any and be happy)

or just whatever else

shirt is an XL.
I don't really wear hats, though.

Oh also, any type of jams/sauces/local brews/whatever.
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I'm in for another round!

Cobras, especially Champion
Nice, flat Teebirds
Heavy elite Z flicks
Gummy HPP Spirits
Heavy Condors
I'd also like to try a River or a Saint or one of those newfangled European discs everyone's been raving about.

Any local stuff would be cool (brews, local swag, Ale 81 if my SS happens to be in KY or that neck of the woods... God I miss that stuff.)

Size L or XL Shirt and hat

Speed 12+ drivers (trying to break bad habits)
Most discraft stuff (the Flick and the mids are nice though)
I'm not too picky. Just happy to be involved.

Thanks again to Solomon and all the helpers. Great job you guys.
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This sounds great! Ill be joining this year. Let me know if you need any help on determining values. Ive been at this for a while
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Send a message via Yahoo to bdodson
I sent the email a couple weeks ago...so here is my post.

For shirts I am an large or extra large (xl to be safe)
And hats large XL but large fits better

I'm currently on a colorshift binge so anything saint and below (river, warship, fuse, riot too) would be awesome by itself
I only throw discraft's le esp flx drone with the 2008 worlds stamp.
I throw vectors and ions
Eagles, teebirds including both L versions
Looking for a turning driver similar to a fuse....
Picky picky I know

I like bright plastic and gummy monsters!
And I got some good stuff for my ss gift to send!
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When do we get our names?!?

I've been trying to stock up for a lucky DGCRer
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Originally Posted by PhillyMatt View Post
When do we get our names?!?

I've been trying to stock up for a lucky DGCRer
Originally Posted by solomon.trenton View Post
One of us will be pming you your recipient info over the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So be sure to thank them.
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