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I am in 1000 percent, I love this

I love
banshees star fires
Buzz's (I always need more buzz's)
Wizards (Evo plastic the best, but there is no such thing as a bad wizard )
I also love Pro pigs
I want to try
A Ce Firebird( one can wish!)
A Westside boatman
A Legacy Cannon
I Dislike

Shirt size XL
I dont wear hats
I would love to have a tie dye gateway towel
Seriously anything is good, I just love getting into the action!
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I'm in!

Lighter weights if possible:
In bag: Eagles, Blizz Wraith, Blizz destroyer, Avenger SS, drone, buzzz, gator, rhyno, anode
Want to try: Blizz Dominator (150's), Ion, ANYthing that I am given will be tried

Dislikes: max weight in my drivers, I have a noodle arm

Shirt size: XL
Hat: not really a hat wearer
Other stuff: Snacks, jerky, clif bars, stickers, cool minis, whatever you think of

Whatever I get, as always, I will be grateful for. I like crazy different things too. Basically SURPRISE ME!!!!
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Originally Posted by B3NDER View Post
Thanks for putting this on again Trenton! I am sitting this one out, but I'm glad you're taking the time to keep the legend alive!
how come?
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Send a message via AIM to B3NDER
^ Too much stuff going on this time of year (this year anyway) to be able to fully participate.
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Throw: 150 Star/Champ Teebirds, Rocs (Rancho and Flat Top) 175-180 (Ching, KC Pro, Champ and DX), 150 Star Eagle X (S.ex) Zones170+, Wizards/Voodoos, Strikers (GL only any weight), Andoes/Ions. Drivers in Glow(ones listed)
what you might want Warship, any Lat Air stuff, 150 drivers (nothing over a 10 or Blizz), Avenegers (something between 150-165sh), DX or Glo Gators, DX Teebirds (160-168ish)
Dislikes : Zeplins, anything fast(10+) Most mids (Love rocs want to try warships or new ace race)
shirt: XL
hat size: L/XL
Sports Teams: MSU Spartans, Boston Celtics, Lions.
Drinks: Coffees and IPAs
Also: Any beef jerky or local swag. I love snacks that would be good for disc golf. Cool stamps. jokes whatever you think would be fit. Any cool dyes, I like DC Comics, Blu Ray movies, gummy candy, gum, Indie and Hip Hop music. Good Books.

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Thanks, Dad
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Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
Dislikes: Football, asparagus, and Michael Bay movies.
I love the first two. Bad Boys 1 and 2 were also pretty sweet.
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Sweet! I finally get in on one of these! I like trying new stuff, and I LOVE Vibram and most Discraft. To get an idea of what I like, here is my current bag:

TI Nuke 173g
ESP Nuke 170g
ESP Nuke 160g

Traks 165-173g
Ascents 170-175g

ESP Comet 167g
M Ibex 176g
Pro-D Buzzz 174g
Barstamp Buzzz 170g
Ti Buzzz 173g
F Obex 174g
CryZtal FLX Drone 180g
CryZtal Challenger 172g

S Sole 170g
M Sole 172g

I also like VP's and wear a small or medium shirt size and a medium hat size.
I'm not a big fan of most Innova, but I like some of their drivers. I have a buzzz collection, so if you have any of those, I would be thrilled.

I would be interested in trying some more of the small companies' discs (ie millennium, MVP, Lat 64, etc). I also would be interested in trying a Vibram Ridge or Summit. I'll take pretty much whatever as long as it's epic

Oh, one other extremely fun thing... I TURN 21 ON DECEMBER 12! WOOH!
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i guess i should have mentioned that my 28th birthday is on december 6th...sooo this could be my christmas/birthday gifts!!!
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I turn 30 on December 15th
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okay, i have a strange predicament, I have done more than 5 trades/sales on here but, i only have feedback for 4 due to the fact that a few people never gave me feedback. I left them feedback but never received it back. any way around this?
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