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My package has made it about 20kms since shipping it out Monday.
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Originally Posted by noxqcez View Post
Wow! The pics of SS packages are amazing. Are these the norm or exception? I am new to dgcr and this is my first SS. After seeing so many amazing pics I'm feeling like I really underdelivered. Lots of very generous members here.
Many have been playing/trading/buying for many years and therefore have more inventory to work with. I enjoyed the fact that when I saw the "likes" posted by my SS, they matched up amazingly well to what I throw. This made it easier for me to try and pic out items that I thought they would like/throw.
Glad I got in on this again this year!
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Originally Posted by kutz167 View Post
So it appears that the pics I embedded had broken links, so here I am gonna try and get them posted properly now.

The package:

The discs:

The swag:

Here is what I received in my first SS package:

Gold Line Lat 64 XXX
Sweet supercolor Buzzz for my collection
Fly-dyed Z Force
Gateway Superglow Sabre
Innova DX Eagle

Vibram Mini
Insulated work gloves
Candy (OM NOM NOM)
A scarf (appears to be hand-made & is VERY VERY warm!)
Innova Microfiber towel
Two sets of birdie beads
Re-usable scorecard
2 permanent markers
UV bracelet
And a cup that instructs me to "Have a Coke and a smile"

This is an awesome SS package!!! I can't wait to go out and give these discs a try! I had been needing an overstable driver that is longer than my Ascent in my bag and I wanted to try more discs that I have not thrown, so I can't think of any way that he could have hit on the discs better. Also, I got some way sweet swag that should help keep me warm while I'm playing in a blizzard in SoDak here in about a month.

Thanks, Santa!!! Apparently I have been a "good" boy this year!
Yes you have been a good boy this year!
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So my last package was delivered on the 5th according to USPS. Hope my SS got it.
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Sorry SS.... I shipped mine out on the 3rd and it's showing expected delivery for the 10th
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Found this at my front door today!!

soft magnet
dx cro
FR mamba
stormtrooper ion
water bottle
Innova hat"jacked by wife"
& a note stating package 1 of 2 "sweet"

Last edited by wink; 12-07-2012 at 12:20 PM. Reason: ?????
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One grand SS package mailed today to NE. Should be there by the 13th......
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Mail man just came! Another sweet package fresh out of Santa's workshop!

Whole thing:


Close up of Awesome Natural Beauty Xcal:

Thanks so much Santa! More than I was expecting, Today has just been getting better! (If you want to let me know your username I'll throw you some feedback )
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg P1240839.jpg (72.9 KB, 113 views)
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According to the USPS my recipient should be getting their package today!
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Got the first of two today. First and foremost, thanks bdodson.

Dyed 172 solf
157 bliz wraith
176 flying squirrel - exact perfect backup for my bagged one.
150 used champ leopard

Couple of hats
Reusable scorecard
3 innova minis
Vegas chip key chain
Vegas cards
Crayons for the 3 year old
Pacifiers for the new baby. Thanks for remembering!
Box of nerds.

Again thanks man. Hope you and the boys are still enjoying the volts. Merry Christmas.
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