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was in last years SS but I'm not a silver reviewer :/ guess i have something to work towards
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Originally Posted by silverbullet View Post
was in last years SS but I'm not a silver reviewer :/ guess i have something to work towards
You have a high enough itrader, you're good.
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nvm for some reason i thought we had to meet all those but now after reading it again i only need two awesome
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Likes: Innova/ I throw KC aviars, rhynos, rocs, gators, leopards, teebirds and destroyers

Dislikes: Most discraft. Anthing super light also. Pretty much open to other stuff unless it's suuuuper under/over stable

Might want to try: I think I'd like to try an understable compliment to my destroyers. Not anything super understable, but just a compliment. Also anything cool to hang on the wall would be nice.

I wear a XXL shirt and I don't really wear hats that often.

A HUGE thanks to everyone running this and whoever is my SS, this is an AWESOME event in the dg community
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Of course I am in again this year.

What I throw

Westside Sword Tournament Plastic 169gm
Latitude 64 Saint (Gold Line) 169gm
Latitude 64 Bolt (2011 world's stamp GL plastic) 167gm
Latitude 64 River (Gold Line) not sure on its weight
Latitude 64 Havoc (Gold Line) 169gm
Innova Blizzard Katana 145gm (I think this is too light, because I can't control it. Flips over way to fast.)
ESP Comet Max Weight
KC Pro Roc Max Weight (I throw 10x, 11x and 12x, but I don't expect a 10x or 11x, just saying what I throw)
DX Roc Max Weight
MVP Anode 174gm
Gateway Wizard SSS Max Weight (chalky feeling)

What I would like to try

Westside King (prefer tourny plastic, but the VIP is okay since I have never tried it) 167-170
Westside Warship Max Weight
Legacy Ghost Max weight
MVP Anode (Neutron Plastic)
Paul McBeth Roc

ESP Comets, Swords, Saints

Would also like a Sparkle Saint or Worlds Stamped Saint (I do like to collect a few things like Rocs, CE, and stuff like that, so these would be added to the Vault)

Other things I am interested in:
Patches for my bag-- Already have a Roc Patch
Birdie Bag
Stickers for my camp time stool

Drinks I like are: Water and Monster Absolute Zero
Shirt Size: XXL (yeah...I'm a big boy)
Hats: don't really wear them anymore, they make my head itch

Boston RedSox Fan
New Orleans Saints Fan
Like pretty much all the SEC Football teams (Mostly Mississippi State and LSU)

I am not to picky though, I will appreciate anything that I get.
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I am on the fence if I want to participate again. I do have a little streak going, three in a row. Problem is I do not have much swag to give away.

Let me think about it!
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Courses Played: 58
Posts: 33

Likes: I throw mostly Innova with a little Discraft mixed in, but am down for anything.

Dislikes: lightweight discs and flydye discs.

Size: XL

Thanks again!
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Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 1,371


Likes: speed 11 and under, Discmania, Innova, Latitude 64, Westside, Gateway and Legacy. Prefer pink or white discs. Other bright colors are ok too. Drivers 165-170g/ Mids 173-176g/ Putters 172-175g (see bag in sig for ideas)

Dislikes: max weight drivers, high/max speed plastic, flydye and Vibram.

Would like to try: S-DD, MD2, FD, P2, Mercy, Gator, Rhyno, neutron Axis and maybe a Star Destroyer (I know its fast ) Or just surprise me. I'll throw anything once.

Shirt size is 2XL and I don't wear hats very often.

Thanks for doing this again guys!
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Posts: 115

In my bag
Pinnacle Cannon( Like this alot too)
Champ Boss
Star Orc(Love)
Z Avenger
beat Star Valk
Champion Edition valk
Champion 12x teebird
Champion 11x teebird
champion TL+
CFR glow Firebird
11x KC Pro cheetah
Cryztal z buzzz
Z buzzz ss
12x kc pro roc(super beat
FLX drone

LIKES: primarilyPINK but im okay with yellow as long as its a bright color id be happy, just really into yellow and pink. I stay in the 170's usually, the lightest i go is like 166. I like stable and understable discs as you can see. I'm fine with somewhat overstable though. I also love gummy plastic.

DISLIKES: ridiculously overstable plastic, epics, dx plastic(with the exception of beasts), HARD STIFF PLASTIC, stupid discs.

Discs I would like: Older teebirds/eagles/firebirds(id like to try a flat one), beasts, Valks, Cannon, ESP nuke, BUZZZ, any CE

Things i want to try: Roadrunners(for rollers), Fast discs, pretty much anything cool. ESP or Star plastic unless its gummy champ. I like pinnacle and tourney style plastics as well. Really want to try some Lat64 discs

I wear a size L shirt and a 7 1/2 hat
I love candy
I go to Iowa State University

I am pretty much down for anything cool, and will be happy with whatever I get! THANKS!!
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Courses Played: 54
Throwing Style: RHBH
Posts: 587

What I like and throw:

CFR Glow discs
Pro Rhynos
Max Weight Fairway Drivers, Mids and Putters
166-175 Distance Drivers
Orange/Pink/Yellow/White/Red are my normal colors but not that strict.

What I like (other):

Subtle designs, not into huge graphics.
XL shirts
Man size hats

What I'd like to try:

CE Thrower - Never had any CE plastic, not a collector.
Something you throw that I don't that you swear by.
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