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What I Like:
BEADLESS Star Gators
KC Pro Aviars
Light Weight Drivers (Destroyers, Leopards)
Star Tee-Rex
Glow Plastic
Orange, Yellow, Glow or White are my main color choices.

What I would like to try:
Lat 64
neat looking plastic

Shirt Size L
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Count me in.
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Alright I told myself I wouldn't but I give in.

I like Rocs of any kind
Morays are sweet.
Pro Rhynos
Destroyers(Prefer pro but could take any and be happy)

or just whatever else

shirt is an XL.
I don't really wear hats, though.
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I'm in!
My likes:
Blizz bosses with bubbles in flight plate
Non destrulcan star destroyers 171-175
169-171 champ firebird
Champ maxes
Would like to try some Lat, halo, especially pearly.
Rhynos, Vibram summits, SSS wizards.
Any oop innova
Stickers, minis, patches.

Shirt size L

Dislike dx, discraft.
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I hope I get to be Matt B's secret santa.. cu zi could hook him up!
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Originally Posted by PhillyMatt View Post
I hope I get to be Matt B's secret santa.. cu zi could hook him up!
Christmas is a state of mind PhillyMatt!
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In like Flynn!

Premium plastic. Putters, Mids, Fairway Drivers. Custom / Unique Stamps.
Molds: Ion, Zone, Gator, Buzzz, Firebird, Teebird, River, PD.
Companies: MVP, Latitude 64, Discmania

Base Plastics. High speed (10+) drivers. Stock Stamps.
Molds: Nuke, Ape, Groove, XCal, Max, Epic.
Companies: Innova

Fat (XXL)

Can't wait!
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Originally Posted by Chrisgeoguy View Post
Back for more!

I throw...Sidewinder, Banshee, Eagle, PD, Buzzz, Obex, MD2, Spike, Wiz, Sole, VP

Would like...Mids and Putters (no Discraft or Innova Putters please)

Color - Bright warm colors. (No blues please)

Shirt size...XL

Redskins & Braves fan.

Looking forward to it! Hope that everyone is enjoying the cooler weather!

Add....I would really like a new VP, Volt, or Vibram Lace
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SS Update

Would like to try and throw:
Paul Mcbeth champ flat top roc non F2 is possible or current run(supposed to be in Nov)-175g-178g
GL Saints between 170-172G--no gold--pearly is a plus
GL rivers between 168g-171g--no gold--pearly is a plus
MVP Volt between 170-172G
C-PD between 170-172G
Champ Gators between 173-175G
11x Gazelles at 172G opaque and bright color
ESP Comets between 167-170G
Pre flight number stamp/4x-5x Valks between 166-168g
Pre flight number stamp champ vikings flat and marked VG between 171G-173g
11x or 12x pre flight rating stamp teebirds between 171-173G

Colour Preferences (in order):
Bright Pink
Dayglow yellow
Neon orange
Bright colours
Everything else

Colour Preferences (in order):
Bright Colors--Red and Blue
Dayglow yellow
Neon orange

Shirts L
Hats L

Last edited by Eco81; 10-26-2012 at 02:04 PM.
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Alright I'm in
My wants:
MVP volt167-175
Ions( second run or neutron)173+
Buzzz( z,crystal,crystal flx wound be awesome)173+
Banshee( champ,kc pro) 170+
Wraith( echo star,preferably orange or red) 167-171
Firebird( pro,star,150 class)150-172
Vibram obex175+

Local brews

Shirt size XL( Dry fit XXL)

Discraft drivers
Anything faster than a Wraith
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