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almost 4 years in and i throw 175 putters low 170 mids high 160 fair drivers lower 160 d drivers.

a flying squirrel is a great disc you might like to try. a further, glide-ier leopard. 180g feels like 165 somehow. they just came out with a platinum line that is star like
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150 Teebirds are a beautiful thing. They will work as a pretty useful all-around driver.

150 class Leopards, Roadrunners, Rivers and even Diamonds can be great tailwind, hyzer flip, anhyzer and turnover discs also.
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The basic answer to your question lies in more questions:

1.) Do your discs fly their intended flight path when released flat?


2.) Is your form clean?

If your form isn't clean, you will be introducing off-axis torque to your throw, typically characterized by the disc fluttering when it comes out of your hand. This will cause even the most overstable discs to turn.

If your form is clean, a good way to determine weight appropriateness is to see how the disc flies. If it is more overstable than it is supposed to be (assuming a broken-in disc), you're probably throwing something too slow. If it turns more than it should be, odds are what you have is too light. There are exceptions to this, but it is a decent starting reference point.
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Heh. Overstable will be *too heavy.
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You're supposed to be buying tie-dyed Champion plastic at max weight, and don't put your name on the discs. This is the way noobs have done it since time began, or so it seems from all the uninked, tie-dyed, max-weight Champion plastic I find.

I throw putters at 175, mids at 170, and drivers 160-168.

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Originally Posted by JAKE master View Post
almost 4 years in and i throw 175 putters low 170 mids high 160 fair drivers lower 160 d drivers.
I'm similarly setup. I have max weight putters generally, and typically max weight mids as well (I want them to fight the wind a little better). My ideal distance driver weight is 165-170, my fairways I like to keep right at 170. I do usually have a few wind fighting distance and fairway discs that are max weight, though.
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I threw a lot of max weight stuff early on, and even in recent years and I can say it actually messed up my form, or rather, allowed me to have some really bad habits. Heavy stuff will tend to "fight out" of a somewhat wonky throw and I was kind of powering my way out of bad throws through muscling it.

I think a good plan is what was stated several times earlier: 175 for putters, 170-175 mids and drivers 160-170. Should work for you.
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It's generally recommended to use the heavy putters and mids. As for control drivers and distance drivers, I prefer to go max weight on everything except the under stable drivers, and I like to carry a range of weights on those. There's more than one way to go about it.
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Thank you for all the replies folks!

I have a 150ish Star Leopard and a 156 champ Teebird on the way. I hate that the season is winding down and I've just started

It's dark by time I get home, I sit at work and look out the window and wish I was golfing! I'm hooked and I imagine I'm a life-er at this point
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Don't let the weather get you down. With the right clothing we play year round. Some folks shovel and salt the tee pads at JD. 10 degrees and 3 feet of snow make it fun and challenging. Playing during the winter around these parts doesn't help your game much because of the extra clothing and course conditions. But you won't be as rusty come spring as the fair weather golfers.

I hear ya about golfing during the work week, but you have all weekend. And most of the chuckers (except for those pesky Ridge Rats) stay home.
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