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To is too slick and brick hard for my liking
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total flop IMO. every Ti disc i see is warped/ strange. plus they come in dark green. come on...
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I have only thrown a few TI buzzzes out of other people's bags so I can't talk about the way the discs feel in general. I can say that these are a huge money maker for Discraft and all of it's vendors/resellers though. The per dollar profit on this plastic for Discraft and for the vendor is huge!
They saw a trend/demand and they filled it so good business on their part. Now as far as the discs flying the way they should and not being crappy...
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Every Ti midrange Ive seen (Wasp and Buzzz) have looked and felt fine. I love my Ti buzzz and my wasp. The grip feels great to me and I got lucky and didn't get one that was super stiff. They both are slightly less stable than a normal Z though. However I have a Ti nuke as well and it is super overstable, like Nuke OS stable.

The buzzz has been holding up really well. Been in the bag since they came out and it has no major gouges yet. but the wasp hit a brick wall the first week i had it and the lip is kinda frayed up from it.
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I have a Ti Buzzz and just ordered a second and a Ti Wasp (the one I have is the green you can't find in grass, leaves, etc.).

The grip is good, the dome is dead flat, and it's been a great disc when I've thrown it.
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So many mixed reviews lol
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I love the Buzzzes and Wasps and I liked the Stalkers before I swapped those out for XLs, but I'm not a fan of the Forces or the Nukes. The Nukes are just stupid overstable and the Forces that I've thrown are just not doing it for me. I'll stick with my Z's and ESP's for those, but Ti Buzzzes are money!
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So I know I'm resurrecting a thread. However I was just wondering how these discs have stood the test of time. Did they change the blend? Do they still warp? Do people like these? Are there easier colors to find now? I know they did the ace race disc in ti, and I thought I remembered someone saying it was a diff blend of plastic. Just checking to see how its going.
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i hope they do change it, its too slick for me
i only have a pink buzzz and blue stalker
i only use the buzzz in the summer, kinda forgot i had the stalker
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I bought a green Ti Buzzz as well. It was the most expensive disc I've ever bought and the least used too. I'll just say it's not for me. The grip feels weird. I prefer my Roc3 and Flying Squirrel.
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