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Am i the only one who uses a gator for this? a really firm star gator is what I use for overstable up putt shots.

but then again, I suck
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Originally Posted by PhillyMatt View Post
Am i the only one who uses a gator for this? a really firm star gator is what I use for overstable up putt shots.

but then again, I suck
I do, and I also suck. I see a pattern.
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Originally Posted by Brodysseus View Post
I just took it out this morning in 19mph winds gusting to 28mph and believe it or not it was predictable. My soft BangerGT was doing all sorts of odd things in the wind - which is not all that surprising considering the conditions. I threw that VP pretty doggone hard in some serious cross wind and it held the line VERY nicely.

Glad I am not the only one that feels this way about the VP.

The more I use it the more I like it.
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Originally Posted by fusan View Post
Hmm nobody mention the Jokeri? Strange.
Imagine a good overstable Roc in a shorter version.
Jokeri is overstable but does not fade as hard as other overstable
putters. Just holds that gentle leftturning curve all the way to the end.
You can't turn it with a clean throw in no wind.
Its also a great windfighter and an excellent approach and out of trouble disc.
Really, theres no overstable disc out there (that I have tried) like it.
The best part is that it fits my hand perfect... just like my Pure.
Agreed. I feel that the Zone is almost too shallow and it hurted my accuracy on upshots. I use basic Jokeri practically on every hole with flick approaches or if I need to throw a straight flick. If I need a strong fade or it's super windy, I grab the premium one. One weird thing I noticed about the Premium Jokeri is that I cannot get it to skip. Anyone else notice this? Not necessarily a con though...

Like you said, it's a perfect compliment to the Pure. It also makes an awesome FH roller
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MVP Ion, just get one and try it out. around 172g

Get it in Neutron if you want it more stable.

Best putter i have ever used, and i have used wizards, aviars, challengers, magnets, darts, XD, and more..

This disc may take a few weeks to get used to and get good at holding it the right way to be consistency with the bead, but once you get in the rhythm, theres no stopping how good this disc handles shots from 10 feet all the way out to 60+ feet. I even use it for approaches now because its laser accurate even being a little overstable.. it seems to keep its forward momentum better than any disc i have used before that is more Stable.

On top of that its made with premium plastic that holds up forever, you wont have to buy another putter for many years.

i have a proton Ion i would be wiling to sell you for $9 paypal gift. Its in 8/10 shape.. little to no scuffs on it at all, will fly like brand new.

PM me if your interested in trying one out.
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another vote for the pro pig. it will do the same thing every freaking time u throw it. nose up, nose down, flat, hyzer, anhyzer. it just wants to find the ground and stay there. in a good kind of way
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The Crosslap Credo!

Everyone I know who's tried it now has one in their bag. It's definitely worth checking out! The Germans make good stuff.
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I'm a really big fan of my Cryztal FLX Zone for weird overhand/sidearm escape shots. And, it's really pretty.
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Another vote for the Zone. I use a Glo Z. FH, BH, overhand, it does it all.
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Originally Posted by davetherocketguy View Post

Glad I am not the only one that feels this way about the VP.

The more I use it the more I like it.
This disc will fly the same way, no matter what the conditions are. It's the most predictable disc I've ever thrown and is my favorite mold right now.
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