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Hyzerflip a roadrunner off the tee. Roc upshot. Wizard to finish.
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Everyone who thinks this is a 3 shot hole are brutally mistaken...lol

I would tell you how I'd play it but I really don't have it figured out. I have had a 4 and a few 4 looks a few times.....a very well placed uphill understable disc on shot 1, same disc on shot 2 negotiating whatever line I left for myself and then an anny drive to the green. I think I did best with sidewinder 3xs and then putting or approaching with my JK
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I birdied this Hole a few weeks back. I threw a Wraith to a perfect landing zone, threw my Leo to the second perfect landing zone and then threw my Aviar under the basket for a birdie 4.
(had to read Opti's post to remember that it was a Par 5).

This course is FREAKIN BAD ASS!!!

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Teebird Buzzz Buzzz Wizard
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Gold to Gold

I'ts very hard to judge from the pics and or the course map on here particularly the second half of that hole.

I would probably go with an RHFH anhyzer shot with an Avenger SS trying to finish left somewhere past that tree and rock in the center of the first picture.

For the second shot I would go for a RHBH Anyhyzer with a broke in River to fade back nicely.

If I was lucky enough to be within putting distance I would go with a Rhyno to finish it up for a eagle.

If not then I would probably use a RHBH with a Buzz and hopefully park it for the Rhyno birdie.

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probably throw a teebird or FD off the tee then throw a buzz til i can putt with a wizard
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Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz, CE Aviar. Sounds so simple. I'd probably get eaten alive by that hole gold to gold...
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Z Stalker (flippy) tee shot. Z Stalker (flippy) for the second, ESP Comet or Gripline Spike upshot (hopefully), Zeroline Spike ending for the epic 4. Gold to Gold that is.
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The pictures are out of order. The hole was designed to play picture 1, to picture 2, to picture 4, to picture 3. The only threes I know of are 200' throw ins and a long putt from a lefty that threw a huge flex shot, followed by a lucky hyzer thru the left side of picture 4. The same person probably bogies the hole more then birdies it by going for it.

The hole is actually a sucker hole. It tempts the Eagle only to produce dumb bogeys, and after you've seen the easy birdie you will feel dumb going for it. It's actually tied for the easiest hole according to par on the course, with hole 10, which can also produce the same dumb bogies going for Eagle.
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