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I'm faced with two options off the gold tee which I will post.

Option 1:
Tee: Surge and hopefully it rides out a slow turning anhyzer to a safe landing. Then flippy Surge on a huge roller line to eat up distance (golf courses are begging for rollers). Then depending on distance to the pin, a Buzzz or MRV and a Spike to clean up

Option 2:
Tee: 150 Class ESP Nuke on a huge turnover/late flex attempt to cut out big distance (hopefully stay inbounds). Super flippy ESP Nuke on a giant roller attempt (hopefully stay inbounds) then hopefully a long running putt attempt at a possible 3? Most likely take a 4.
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FR Destroyer. Flip er over and watch er sail!
Then clean up my mess with rocs.
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I'd try a tricky nose down/hyzer release with my Sidewinder, if I miss the ground it should sail down the hill and still fade at the end. Could sub "flippy Volt" for Sidewinder.

Then a hard anhyzer/flex with a stable teebird/volt and hopefully be a bit past the short tee. A big hyzer drive with a river should put me in upshot/go-for-it range.
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Ive been lucky to play this hole from both gold & blues tees. IT'S A BEAST!
Throw the River, then throw it two more times, then one more time with the Buzzz for good measure. Hopefully one putt through the trees for a par 5....and thats from the blue tees
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Downhill or not, I hate long holes with no teepad. It's downright dangerous. That said, I'd flick a Firebird into the woods and then go buy another one.
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Blizzard Boss, Blizzard Boss, Blizzard Boss, and then probably a Blizzard Boss again since I will inevitably turn and burn at least one of my throws.

After that, Sinus and Wizard to clean up.
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Looks like a beast (but I ain't throwin' one ).
R-Pro Boss until I think I'm close enough for a buzzz.
Then Challenger, finish with APX.
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Gold: GL Saint 3x - Icon Ghost - Pro Pig
Blue: GL Saint 2x - Icon Ghost - Pro Pig
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Gold: Teebird. Teebird. Teebird. (possibly teebird again otherwise super lightweight pain) Then rhyno. Rhyno.
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Originally Posted by b-mart View Post
Downhill or not, I hate long holes with no teepad. It's downright dangerous.
What are you talking about? Did you not look at the photo? How much more tee pad do you need? Or can you just not play on grass pads?
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